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There’s nothing quite like the excitement of building a new home from the ground up. You can choose to be involved in almost every decision, from the layout of the bathroom tiles to the cupboards and hardware in the kitchen. Sometimes those decisions can be a little overwhelming, especially if you’ve never been involved in new construction before. But in the end you have a place to call your own that is customized to your specific tastes!

Many homeowners who build think first and foremost about the more visual aspects of their home on the inside, without much thought to the outside. A feature such as windows seems to be one of those decisions where you can save money because glass is glass. All windows look the same and offer the same thing, right?


Window installation is one new construction decision that is crucial to the energy efficiency and solid structure of your home. After all, windows are the most fragile part of the home’s exterior, an exterior that keeps you and your loved ones safe. However, if chosen correctly, they can be just as strong and secure as a solid wall - while adding so much more beauty.

A quality window will:

  • Let in sunlight without the harmful UV rays.
  • Lock in household temperature and lock out exterior temperature.
  • Reduce your energy consumption, having a positive impact on both the environment and your energy bill.
  • Block moisture and wind penetration, but be able to open up for a cool breeze.
  • Add dimension and space to your home interior.
  • Keep pests out.
  • Increase curb appeal and resale value.
  • Be easy to clean and maintain.
  • Give your home a unique personality.

If you’re wondering how a window can accomplish all of this, The Window Store is here to help you understand! Our free consultation with a window installation guru can give you valuable insight into the window choices for your new construction.

Our New Construction Window Materials
We know that a new house is a big financial decision and each little choice that goes into that decision is important. That’s why the Window Store has conducted extensive research to find the best products for the windows in your new home. Every part of the new window, from the glass to the caulk, is premium grade and designed to protect your investment.

Beyond that lasting investment, we are also protecting your home with a beautiful, money-saving product. After all, energy efficiency is one of the top homeowner concerns. And energy efficiency comes from a combination of superb materials alongside professional installation.

The #1 Choice for New Construction Windows
Among the many options, vinyl windows remain the #1 choice among homeowners and businesses. Vinyl windows are built from high-quality PVC (polyvinyl chloride) that makes each window highly durable and easy to clean and maintain. In fact, vinyl windows are guaranteed not to chip, crack, or rot!

And did we mention the price? Vinyl windows are inexpensive, saving you money upfront, and energy-efficient, saving you money over their lifetime.

These are just a few of the many benefits of vinyl window replacements. Find out how they measure up for yourself!

Other Window Installation Services
Windows are what we do best! Our team of experienced installers can take on a variety of challenging jobs, from basic window replacement to new construction and custom design. The best way to begin is by contacting us at 612.353.5780.

We promise to explain your options, answer questions, and ensure that every detail matches with your unique style and taste. We can also help you understand your financial options. Call today!

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