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An entry door can set the tone of the entire home. When someone pulls up to your house, they first lay eyes on the exterior face - from the landscape to the siding, windows, and trim. But more than anything, the eye is drawn in toward the front door. Does the color pop? Is there a unique window design or hardware? How does it accent the rest of the exterior?

A front door is almost like a smile - welcoming, charming, and unique to the home. So when your door is outdated, that smile fades. Consider how giving it an update can improve the curb appeal by renewing its charm and personality.

The Process
Door installation in itself is a very quick and painless process. Most of the time is spent planning and deciding which doors you are replacing and what kind of finished product you desire. These decisions can be challenging, especially when you consider that they are long-term. A quality door can (and often does) last longer than a typical roof!

It’s okay to go into the process without any prior knowledge of doors or styles. The Window Store is not only a resource for quick, quality installation, we can also help you understand your options and choose the best custom fit for your home.

To get started, The Window Store offers a free consultation.

During your consultation, our representative will explain options, answer questions regarding products, and make certain you are ordering exactly what you want. This process eliminates any misunderstandings that would otherwise occur in the remodel. We can also go over financing options.

Next, one of our installers visits your residence to make measurements and ensure that your product is built to exact specifications.

Finally, the installer will return once the product has been delivered to replace your existing door(s).

Why Choose The Window Store for Door Installation?
The Window Store has been accredited by the BBB (Better Business Bureau) since 2002, with an A+ rating that shows our dedication to quality in home improvements. Most of our products carry the Energy Star label. That means the products are energy efficient, saving you money and helping the environment at the same time.

Because the Midwest is our home, too, we know what kind of weather the houses here face. We want to safeguard our neighbors just like we protect our own families, giving you the quality of service and products that will keep your home in optimal condition for many years to come.

Exterior Home Remodeling from Start to Finish
When you’re ready to update your home in a more professional, protective exterior finish, trust in The Window Store. Our home door installation experts have years of experience in dressing houses to look and perform at their very best. We update old homes to provide new life as well as help put the finishing touches on a brand new or first time home.

Looking for exterior details beyond a new door? The Window Store also offers roofing and siding replacement. Little touches like new roofing or siding can add a special touch to make a new house home or inspire more offers in a home sale. Contact a representative from The Window Store to learn more by calling 612.353.5780.

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