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Imagine the most peaceful room in your home. What makes it so relaxing?

Is it the living room, where you sit reading by your fireplace in the winter, occasionally looking out of the frosted window into the expansive winter sky? Or is it your bedroom, just after the warm sunlight streams into your window in the quiet early morning? Or maybe it’s the kitchen, where you wash the dishes after a family meal and look outside to see your kids playing in the backyard?

There are so many moments you enjoy inside the comfort of your home while being connected to the world outside - and it’s all possible because of your home’s windows. Windows play a large part of the identity and enjoyment of your house, in addition to keeping you safe and comfortably isolated from the elements.

Why not give your windows a little extra special treatment by opting for custom window installation?

Custom Window Installation Options
A custom window can act as the centerpiece to a room or a unique and clever accent to the decor and style that already exist. The first step is to decide just what kind of customization you are looking for:

  • New Custom Window - A window designed and installed either during construction or for a wall that is being opened up.
  • Custom Window Replacement - A window designed to fit in the space of an old window, possibly with a size and shape that no longer exists as standard. This is a popular option for old homes that are being renovated or restored.
  • Custom Window Upgrade - Removal of an old window with minor adjustments to the size/shape and new custom window installation.

In addition, the custom window can have any of the following styles, or something you design!

  • Double Hung - Two glass panes hung vertically. The bottom pane slides up to reveal the screen.
  • Awning - Two glass panes hung vertically. The bottom pane opens outward to reveal the screen.
  • Slider - Two panes of glass hung side by side. One pane slides behind the other to open.
  • Picture - A single pane of glass with no opening.
  • Garden - A series of glass panes in a box-like shape that juts out from the house exterior.
  • Bay & Bow - A series of glass panes angled outward for a ledge or window seat beneath.
  • Shapes - Glass panes and frames in non-standard shapes. Arches, portholes, hexagons, etc.

Beyond these choices, there is a selection of color, grille, frame, screen, and hardware options to fit any architectural style. We can even match some of the features of your existing windows to give your home a cohesive feel with the new custom window addition. Our main objective is to compliment the beauty of your home!

The start-to-finish process at The Window Store revolves around our customers and their needs. If you are concerned about price, window warranties, or your timeline for installation, we can address those and many other questions in plain, easy-to-understand language.

What are you waiting for? Give your home that special touch to add more peace and peace of mind to your most relaxing rooms. Start with a Free Consultation!

Other Window Installation Services
Windows are what we at The Window Store do best! Our team of experienced installers can take on a variety of challenging jobs, from basic window replacement to custom design. The best way to begin is by contacting us at 612.353.5780.

We promise to explain your options, answer questions, and ensure that every detail matches with your unique style and taste. We can also help you understand your financial options. Call today! 612.353.5780.

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