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Windows add beauty, decadence, and splendor to your home. They allow light to fill the rooms where you spend time with family and friends. They act as natural artwork, depicting the world beyond your home’s protective walls. They give you privacy when you need it and access to fresh, clean air when the weather is nice.

As the seasons change, your windows act as versatile barriers to the elements. On sunny days, the harsh UV rays don’t penetrate the glass. When the rain pours down and lightning flashes, you get to watch the spectacle and yet stay dry and safe behind a solid pane. And as the classic Minnesota winter descends, your windows keep the bitter cold at bay while allowing you to watch the snow fall and build on your windowsill.

Without a doubt, windows are an essential and unique part of any well-built home. However, even the most well-built home ages. Windows age, too. The glass may become more brittle from the stress of temperature fluctuations. The window frame might bow, buckle, peel, or fracture in ways that are unnoticeable but can cause water or air leaks, leading to larger problems. And the glass itself may simply be outdated, leading to energy loss within your home. Each of these can be hazardous to the security and stability of your home, not to mention the cost.

If your windows are more than 15 years old, or if you’ve noticed a leak or other problem, it’s probably time to have them replaced. The Window Store offers a free, no obligation consultation to help you address your concerns and restore the windows in your home.

Other reasons you may need window installation include accidental damage or remodeling. Read about these window installation services and the EcoMaxx window brand by following the links below.


ClimaTech Plus Foam Spacer: An Energy-Saving Solution 

For most people, conserving energy and reducing fuel costs are the primary reasons for purchasing replacement windows. Our ClimaTech Plus insulating glass package is energy-engineered to maximize the thermal efficiency of your home. By combining our Foam Spacer System with a glass unit of UV-filtering Low-E (low-emissivity) glass and argon gas, ClimaTech Plus provides a high-performance glazing system that helps shield your home against energy loss, while also preventing condensation from forming at the window edge. 


Many of The Window Store Home Improvements, Inc. products carry the ENERGY STAR label, signifying that they meet strict guidelines set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) for saving energy. Use of these products can help protect the environment by reducing consumption and the pollution associated with energy production.

In fact, all of our windows meet ENERGY STAR standards for the Northern Climate Zone of the U.S.

Window Replacement Services
Old windows? Leaking windows? Broken or cracked glass? Inefficient? All of these window concerns have the same simple fix - window replacement! The skilled specialists at The Window Store have years of experience to assess, repair, and replace windows and window components quickly and efficiently. [Read More...]

Custom Window Installation
Have you dreamed of a home with floor-to-ceiling windows? Does your historic house need a window upgrade but it doesn't have standard sized windows? From cutting a new opening to accomodate a window or patio door or doing a full frame replacement of an existing window, from specific glass and finishings to unique sizes, The Window Store can help you complete any custom window installation project. [Read More...]

EcoMaxx Windows
You don't just want beautiful windows – you want beautiful and highly energy efficient windows. We have the perfect solution for you: our popular line of EcoMaxx windows, which we choose and sell exclusively. [Read More...]

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