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Storm Damaged Window Repair

Windows give your home interior a natural decoration, providing a picturesque connection to the world beyond the glass. Though they let light and fresh air in at will, they also act as a barrier to the elements. They allow you to enjoy that softly falling snow without feeling the chill of a cold winter’s night.

But did you know that windows and doors are also the most vulnerable part of your home structure? When an intense storm strikes, you want the confidence to know that you and your loved ones are safe.

If you’ve recently moved into a new house or have been living in the same home for over 15 years, it’s time to have your windows inspected. Keeping your windows up-to-date ensures that your house is energy efficient and doesn’t pose any hazards to the safety of those tucked inside. Get a free consultation from The Window Store today!

How to Protect Your Windows from Storm Damage
Your house may already be equipped with storm windows, shutters, or a glass shield - and that’s great! But accidents still happen. Glass can fracture due to impact from a piece of debris the size of a penny. Not to mention that hail, wind, and temperature each add stress to glass, casings, and frames.

Take the following steps during/after a storm to properly maintain your windows for years to come!

  1. Check around the frame of the window for leaks during heavy rain or snow. Some discoloration or dripping may be present directly on the window, or a leak may drip all the way through the structure of the house to lower levels.
  2. Feel around the edges for air current or stagnant, cold pockets. This could be a sign of improper installation or poor insulation.
  3. Inspect window glass for cracks or chips after a violent storm.
  4. After the storm or winter season has passed, visually monitor the frames of windows on the house exterior for any broken pieces.

If you notice damages or potential problems, it’s time for a professional inspection and repair. The Window Store has years of experience helping residents of Minnesota and Wisconsin protect and extend the lives of their homes.

If You Discover Window Storm Damages
Where there is window damage due to a storm or weather effect, there may be other damages to your home. The only way to discover all of the necessary repairs is to receive a property inspection. When you hire The Window Store, we send an inspector at no extra charge to uncover every potential hazard and concern. The inspector will explain the damages and risks to you, as well as help you call it in to your insurance provider. We will even meet your insurance adjuster on your behalf to ensure that all necessary code repairs are included on the report.

The Window Store will then send a professional to restore your home’s surface integrity and curb appeal, from a minor repair to full replacement. If any additional repair needs arise during the reconstruction process, we will bill a supplemental charge to the insurance agency.

You can be assured that our skilled specialists will work with you and your insurance company with integrity and efficiency. Whether you need roofing, siding, or window replacement, call a representative of The Window Store today at 612.353.5780.

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