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Storm Damaged Siding Repair

The force of wind, rain, sleet, and snow can slam against the sides of your house with the force of a hurricane or tornado, even when the pressure system isn’t right to create one. That means that your home is in the same kind of jeopardy. It’s one of the reasons that houses are built with an exterior finish, aside from curb appeal. The finish, whether brick, stucco, or siding, is a protective layer that has a specific purpose.

Home Exterior vs Weather Effects
Brick stands up well to storm damage but leaves the house's “joints” (like gutters, vents, and casings) open. Brick is less popular due to the expense and drainage problems.

Stucco, on the other hand, is the least resilient to weather effects. It’s not uncommon for hail or debris to knock large chunks of stucco free. Since it’s ideal for hot climates, it’s not as popular in the Midwest.

Vinyl siding is both inexpensive and a practical option for climates with heavy rain or snow. It’s also very attractive, during, and requires very little maintenance. That being said, it’s still subject to storm damage.

If your house needs an exterior upgrade, The Window Store can provide a top-quality product to make your home stand out in your neighborhood and increase its value.

Determining if You Have Storm Damage to Vinyl Siding
Because storm-force winds carry more than air and water, it’s not uncommon for vinyl siding to become damaged in one of these three common ways:

  • Cracking - Look for cracks and splits mid-way between the valley and ridges of the panel, running parallel to the siding. This type of damage most often appears as half-circles.
  • Chipping - Chips typically occur at the bottom ridge of a siding panel, where direct impact has less flexibility to be absorbed. Like the cracks, you’ll see pieces missing that look like half-circles.
  • Breaking - When weather is severe enough, it’s possible for vinyl siding to break. This can happen with direct impact from hail or debris, creating holes.

When you find any of these types of storm damage, your siding is no longer protecting your home from the elements. It’s best to address and fix the problems right away. Get experienced inspection and replacement services from The Window Store today!

If You Discover Siding Storm Damages
Where there is siding damage due to a storm or weather effect, there may be other damages to your home. The only way to discover all of the necessary repairs is to receive a property inspection. When you hire The Window Store, we send an inspector at no extra charge to uncover every potential hazard and concern. The inspector will explain the damages and risks to you, as well as help you call it in to your insurance provider. We will even meet your insurance adjuster on your behalf to ensure that all necessary code repairs are included on the report.

The Window Store will then send a professional to restore your home’s surface integrity and curb appeal, from a minor repair to full replacement. If any additional repair needs arise during the reconstruction process, we will bill a supplemental charge to the insurance agency.

You can be assured that our skilled specialists will work with you and your insurance company with integrity and efficiency. Whether you need roofing, siding, or window replacement, call a representative of The Window Store today at 612.353.5780.

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