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House Storm Damage Services

Storms in the Midwest can be beautiful to view from the security and comfort of your home. But as your home’s roof, walls, and windows keep your family safe and sound inside, they take a thrashing from the harsh weather systems outside.

The average thunderstorm is a mere 15 miles in diameter and lasts only 30 minutes, but the damage to your home can be severe. Some storms have been known to produce large hail and wind gusts up to 100 miles per hour. The damages from hail alone amount to more than $1 billion each year. Other large damages may occur due to falling trees toppled by a downburst or struck by lightning.

In addition, your house takes minor damage over time from rain, snow, and temperature fluctuations. These changes can go unseen for years before resulting in a roof leak, a window fracture, or loss of insulation.

It’s important to maintain your home from each of these types of storm damage by making proper replacements as soon as you notice the damage. Vigilance and quick action reduces your risk of further incident and expense. Avoid flooding, higher electricity bills, and devaluing your home by taking advantage of professional house storm damage services.

Qualified inspectors from The Window Store are ready to complete a full property inspection whenever your house encounters storm damage. We will speak candidly with you about the damages and risks we find and even work with your insurance provider to ensure that your house is restored without incident.

Roofing Home Improvements
Thunderstorms, tornados, hail, wind, and other weathering effects have the potential to rip shingles free from your roof. Shingles might also crack, shift, or bend in extreme temperatures. And even low-hanging tree branches may take a toll - leading to a weakened roof.

Don’t leave your house unprotected! We are GAF Master Elite® certified installers, find out how to monitor the condition of your roof and what services may help repair your storm damage. [Read More...]

Siding Home Improvements
Hail, wind-driven debris, strong rain, piled snow, and errant tree branches are just a few of the perils that can damage your house siding. Luckily, you can keep an eye on the exterior of your home fairly easily. Most damages are apparent to the naked eye, allowing you to take notice of a problem as soon as it occurs!

Protect your home’s structural integrity and curb appeal by having your siding replaced! [Read More...]

Window Home Improvements
Ensure that the cool breezes and heavy rains are locked out of your home. Replacing your windows after suffering storm damage can drastically reduce your electric bill as well as increase the value of your property. In addition, proper window maintenance keeps you and your family safe from other related issues like leaks that turn into flooding and rot.

Improve your energy efficiency by seeking quality window replacement service! [Read More...]

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