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Gloomy, rainy days often do more than put a damper on your plans. Heavy rainfall or melting snow often results in large amounts of water flowing over your home’s eaves, falling onto you as you enter or exit your home. With large amounts of water spilling from your eaves, your home’s basement may end up taking on water, which can result in mold growth and damaged property.

Professionally installed rain gutters collect excess water and allow for it to properly drain away from your house. By routing water away from your home, you can help protect your windows, siding, foundation, and basement from possible water damage. Depending on your specific home and property, you may want to choose a certain gutter system and material.

Gutter Sizes
You might have assumed that gutters are a “one size fits all” solution, but they are actually available in multiple sizes. Most homes use 5-inch gutters, which are capable of handling a fairly substantial amount of water. A 5-inch gutter system is sufficient for most homes.

Very large homes, garages, or other buildings drain a heavy volume of water in a relatively short period of time. To properly collect and redirect water, a 6-inch gutter system may be needed. Another benefit of a larger system is that it is less likely to become clogged by the inevitable debris that comes along with heavy winds and rainfall.

Gutter Materials

  • Aluminum. For homeowners that are looking for durability, affordability, and more style options, aluminum gutters are a popular choice. Aluminum gutters are available in a wide array of different colors, allowing you to create a custom look for your home.

Professional Installation vs DIY
With gutter systems available for purchase at many home improvement stores, some homeowners opt to install new rain gutters as a DIY project. Because the basic materials are readily available, it can be tempting to tackle gutter installation on your own. Like any DIY project, gutter installation can quickly become a greater undertaking than you initially expected. Beyond purchasing the basic materials, you’ll also need to make sure you have the right tools and supplies to get the job done.

If the idea of handling your own gutter installation project seems daunting, you may want to contact a professional. A qualified contractor will know how to install your new gutter system with the correct pitch for better results and lasting quality. No two homes are the same, and an experienced installer can create a solution that is custom to yours.

Protect Your Home With a New Gutter System
The right gutter system can help keep your home’s interior nice and dry, and protect your windows and siding from excess moisture. For the best possible results, let our experts install a new system for your home. We can create the perfect system for you, and make sure it is installed correctly for better performance.

Ready to take the next step toward improving your home? Contact our team to learn more about your options and what solution is right for you. We love helping homeowners create the home of their dreams. Let us help you make an informed decision that you’ll feel great about for many years to come. Give us a call today at 612.353.5780.

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