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Replacement Home Siding Installation

Have you ever stopped to inspect the outside of your home? It may be made from any number of materials, including brick, stucco, vinyl, metal, or wood.

The type of material chosen is much like choosing an outfit. When you wake up in the morning, you look out your window to see what the weather is like before getting dressed and going out your door. Similarly, a house is dressed based, not on a single day of weather, but rather on your location’s climate year-round. More energy flows out of walls than any other area of your home. Therefore, it's important to properly insulate the walls of your home before siding is installed.

The second factor in home siding choice derives from style. You don’t dress yourself based on weather and comfort alone. You want to look good! The Window Store wants your home to look just as good, whether you’re remodeling for safety, energy efficiency, or to increase the property value.

Wondering how best to dress your home? Take advantage of our free consultation!

The Best Choice in Home Siding
Vinyl siding has grown in popularity since its debut in the early 1960’s. Why? It’s strong, durable, easy to maintain, clean-looking, and versatile. In addition, the unique polyvinyl chloride material expands and contracts in varying weather conditions and temperatures, allowing the shell around your house to maintain its protective integrity year-round.

Over 50% of people in the market for a home exterior opt for vinyl because of its value. Vinyl delivers a classic look that appeals to most home buyers, naturally increasing the resale value. In addition, vinyl maintains its color across every panel. There’s no need to repaint from fading or weather effects, and that kind of low maintenance enhances the appeal of vinyl to homeowners, both present and future.

There are hundreds of vinyl manufacturers in the country. The Window Store has chosen only a select few to install. We never sacrifice quality to save money.

Vinyl Siding Options
Even within the vinyl category of home exteriors, there are options to set your home apart and give it that unique appearance you desire! It starts with the hanging pattern:

  • Shingles - Vinyl siding comes in small square or rectangle pieces that overlap in a pattern similar to a brick house.
  • Horizontal Lap - Another type of vinyl siding utilizes long panels that lay horizontally across the length of the house. This is the most traditional look.
  • Board and Batten - Much like the horizontal lap design, board and batten utilizes long vinyl panels. However, it aligns them vertically up the height of the house. Thus, the home appears taller.

A home may incorporate more than one of these hanging patterns. To find out what kind of custom design you can incorporate into your home exterior, contact The Window Store.

The final vinyl siding option is panel thickness, also known as gauge. The larger the gauge, the higher quality and more durable the panel. It’s essentially a thicker shell, thus protecting your home from heavier impact due to rain, wind, and other storm forces in addition to accidental damage. It’s also important to note that a thicker paneling will hang more flat and straight, thus giving the professional finish an even sharper look.


A More Natural Look: LP® SmartSide®

If vinyl siding isn’t for you, LP® SmartSide® can accent your house with a warm wood exterior that looks traditional but can stand up to weathering and wear like other LP engineered wood. The LP® SmartSide® wood siding and trim are quality-controlled with uniform density and consistency. With proprietary four-component SmartGuard® manufacturing, your siding is guaranteed to resist the fungal decay common in other wood siding products. It also protects against termites and has a 5/50-year limited warranty.

Hardie Board
Traditional yet timeless. Sleek but strong. Available in a full spectrum of colors and many unique textures, the options to create a statement with your home's exterior stand without equal. If you're wondering why Hardie is one of America's most popular brands of siding, the reasons are plentiful. Suitable for use in any climate, this product will protect and enhance the beauty of your home all year round, for many years to come. The HardieZone® system is used to determine which siding is best for your specific environment, with ratings defining particular characteristics as related to moisture, freezing temperatures, heat, humidity and more.


Mastic Home Exteriors

Durability and beauty don’t often go hand in hand. But with Mastic Home Exteriors, it’s a perfect match. With 35 vinyl colors, including solid and weathered cedar colors, Mastic has more colors in more product lines than anyone in the industry.

But better than that, Mastic products ensure that your home’s colorful new appearance stays that way. Their rich, deep hues are engineered and tested to resist fading. Then, there are the panels themselves. Each one is manufactured from the highest quality materials, are coordinated among our vinyl siding and polymer shake and shingles, metal trim and rainware, and they are engineered to last a lifetime. Mastic products stay tightly attached to your home in high winds, resist minor impacts and perform beautifully, even in the harshest weather conditions. With Mastic Home Exteriors, what you see is what you get, for life — guaranteed.  

Exterior Home Remodeling from Start to Finish
When you’re ready to update your home to a more professional, protective exterior finish, trust in The Window Store. Our home siding experts have years of experience in dressing houses to look and perform at their very best. We update old homes to provide new life as well as help put the finishing touches on a brand new or first time home. Our typical timeline for new siding is under a month.

Looking for exterior details beyond siding? The Window Store also offers roofing and door installation. Little touches like a new roof or door can add a special touch to make a new house home or inspire more offers in a home sale. Contact a representative from The Window Store to learn more by calling 612.353.5780.

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