Refacing vs. Remodeling

Kitchen Refacing vs. Remodeling

Making decisions about home improvement projects can be tough, especially when the kitchen is the project in question. You spend so much time in your kitchen that you want it to really speak to you and your tastes. And, let’s face it, your creamsicle-colored cabinets just aren’t cutting it. But just because you know you don’t want to see that creamsicle color anymore doesn’t get you any closer to making a decision on what you do want.

Reface vs. Replace Guide

Here are a few questions to help you discover your goals and what kind of kitchen project to start:

  • What’s the timeline? How much time do you want it to take to complete the project? Keep in mind that your kitchen may not be functional at all during the process, or you may only have access to certain parts like the sink or fridge.
  • What function(s) do you want your kitchen to serve? If you want your kitchen to be used exclusively for dining for a family of 2-4, you’ll have a different space in mind than a room that fits 20 of your closest friends.
  • Does your current kitchen layout serve your function? If it doesn’t, what would change that? Do any cabinets or appliances need to be moved?
  • What is your budget? Budget isn’t just how much money you can spend; it’s how much money you’d ideally spend. You might have other projects to save for!

Based on your answers to these questions, you can move forward with your first big decision: deciding between kitchen refacing and kitchen remodeling.

The Benefits of Kitchen Refacing Over Kitchen Remodeling
Budget is one of the biggest deciding factors for homeowners, and it’s the biggest benefit of kitchen refacing. Custom-built cabinets account for a large percentage of the total cost for a kitchen remodel. That means you can reduce your budget just by choosing kitchen refacing over kitchen remodeling.

If you want to get a better idea of the cost for a kitchen refacing project, The Window Store can give you a free consultation.

In addition to budget, you might also choose kitchen refacing for these benefits:

  • It takes far less time than a full kitchen remodel. There’s no delay for cabinet ordering, construction, delivery, and install. You already have the bones for your design!
  • You are essentially restoring your kitchen, retaining its natural structure and layout. This is particularly desired for families wishing to preserve the house that holds so many memories.
  • It’s more environmentally-conscientious, recycling the components of your kitchen that can still be utilized.
  • Your old, tired kitchen will look like new! Because all of the surfaces are revamped, it’ll look completely renovated.
  • Along with revamped surfaces, we install new doors and drawers using real wood.
  • A fresh, updated look always increases the value and future marketability of your house.

If you’re ready to take advantage of these benefits and begin your kitchen refacing project, The Window Store can work with you to redesign and beautify the heart of your home!

Kitchen Refacing and Beyond: The Window Store Advantage
The Window Store is your partner for home projects, from your kitchen to your roof! Our professional and knowledgeable team has the experience to give your home the look you want and the upgrades you deserve at an affordable cost.

If you need repair and replacement for surfaces outside or inside your home, call a representative of The Window Store today at 612.353.5780.

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