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The kitchen is the heart of a home. It’s a central hub for a family, whether they live close by or drive and fly from miles away to congregate at meals or during special events. It’s where you cook family dinners, pass on valuable life advice, or help your kids with homework. You might even gather with your relatives or close friends for a weekly game night!

In other words, a kitchen is well-loved. And sometimes well-loved means that it takes minor damage or gently wears over the years. Creaky and broken hinges, dents, and stains are all a part of the history of the house and family. But because you continually spend so much time in your kitchen and use it for entertaining guests, you want it to look sharp, clean, and up-to-date.

Whether you’re moving into a new house or simply want to invest in keeping your kitchen in shape, your first thought might be to start remodeling. But before you get out your sledgehammer and start tearing the room apart, consider kitchen refacing as a time saving and cost alternative option.

What is Kitchen Refacing?
Kitchen refacing is a method of recycling and reusing the elements of your current home. Instead of replacing the skeletal structure of cabinets or changing the layout you’ve loved, you can simply update the surface of your cabinets to look fresh and new with new doors, drawers, trim, and hardware. We can also replace the old countertops with a custom material and style that better serves your current kitchen needs.

Updating and customizing the surfaces of your kitchen with kitchen refacing can result in a drastically different kitchen that looks completely new!

Kitchen Refacing vs. Remodeling
Kitchen refacing is not as invasive, time-consuming, or costly as remodeling. It’s an underrated strategy that incorporates the fun of remodeling without the stress of a construction site in the heart of your home.

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Elements of Kitchen Refacing
If you’re considering a kitchen refacing project, there’s nothing wrong with researching the elements involved in the process. It’ll help you find peace of mind and more happiness with the end result.

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