If you’re looking for a way to add to your home’s curb appeal and increase your ROI, replacement windows are one of the most affordable options. At The Window Store in Minnesota and Wisconsin, we specialize in replacement windows, offering a wide range of window solutions from sliders and picture windows to garden windows.


Of all of the available window options, double-hung windows remain one of the most popular options on the market. In this post, we’ll break down some of the many reasons to love double hung windows. Give us a call to discuss replacement window options for your home!

1.   They’re great for fresh air.

Double hung windows are popular because they’re simple and but perfect for allowing plenty of ventilation into a home. Unlike casement windows, which can be impacted by a strong breeze, double hung windows can be left open even when it’s windy outside. And they’re no trouble to close even when the wind is blowing.

2.   They’re available in a wide range of designs and styles.

Double-hung windows are available in many different colors and styles. Customize your exterior and interior paint color to match your home. Choose from various glass types, thicknesses, and frame materials. Flank double-hung window with other window styles for an attractive combination. Or order windows with various lites and grids.

3.   They’re easy to clean.

Double hung windows are some of the simplest windows to clean, especially when you install low-maintenance vinyl double hung windows. Vinyl windows can be wiped down using a simple cleaning solution of warm water and soap. Simply open the sash and wipe down the sill and frame before cleaning the glass for a beautifully clean window.

4.   They’re energy-efficient.

Modern window designs are more efficient than older models. Our EcoMaxx windows are some of the most efficient windows available. You’ll enjoy a more comfortable home whether it’s winter or summer, and your energy costs will be lower.

Replacement Window Options from The Window Store

In addition to double hung windows, our replacement window pros at The Window store offer a wide range of options including:


●        Awning windows

●        Slider windows

●        Casement windows

●        Garden windows

●        Custom shapes

●        Nonstandard shapes

●        Bay and bow windows

●        And more


Are you ready for beautiful new windows and energy savings for your Minnesota or Wisconsin home? Call our team at The Window Store at 612.353.5780 to learn about double hung window options for your home. Or to connect with us online, fill out this form to get a free estimate on your new siding.