When you’re looking for home improvement ideas, it can be difficult to know where to begin. One of the most affordable ways to dramatically improve your home’s interior is through a replacement window project. Replacement windows can brighten up your interior while reducing your energy costs at the same time. That’s why new windows are one of the top home improvement project priorities for contractors and architects.


At The Window Store, we help homeowners throughout the Twin Cities and Milwaukee create beautiful new interiors with custom windows and doors. Follow these tips to elevate the look of your home using window updates.

1.   Harness the Power of Natural Light

Natural light can warm up a home’s interior and create a happier, more welcoming space to live in. Take advantage of daylight hours and the direction of your home to bring more light into darker rooms.


Consider adding large picture windows or a row of windows to brighten up a room. Placing windows high on your walls can also bring in more natural daylight.

2.   Maintain a Cohesive Look

Don’t make the mistake of simply replacing the windows in a room with a new look you love but overlooking the rest of your home. To keep a seamless aesthetic throughout your home, consider replacing all of your windows with the same interior finish. One of today’s most popular design trends is to install windows with a dark, contrasting frame that pops against brighter interior paint.

3.   Integrate Your Furnishings

When you’re planning to replace your existing windows with a new custom window design, don’t overlook the furniture and pathways your family will walk in your home. It’s pointless to install a stunning floor-to-ceiling window if you plan to place a large piece of furniture in front of it. It’s also good to consider how a window will open against the way you plan to use your space.

4.   Work With Your Home’s Assets

Think about your home’s architectural style when choosing new windows. At the same time, don’t get overly caught up in tradition.


Sometimes, a traditional window can be replaced with a picture window, slider, or casement window without detracting from the style of the home. You should also consider the landscape surrounding your home and use windows to bring nature into your interior.


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