Have you ever noticed how different your room looks when you pull back the curtains or open your blinds? Windows are magical when it comes to improving the look of a room. They allow sunlight in, which accentuates your decor and casts natural shadows on your interiors. Imagine if you had more windows in your home. What would your home look like overall? Fortunately, you can transform your home using windows and save thousands of dollars without doing a complete remodel.


Redesign Your Kitchen with a Bay Window

Most kitchens are notoriously gloomy and cramped. If you have a small kitchen, then you know how it feels to want to remodel it, but you can’t afford to do it. Fortunately, you can improve the look of your kitchen by investing in a bay window for your kitchen.


Bay windows are a great addition to tight kitchens. As a window that protrudes and an additional sitting area, it may feel as if you’ve added more space to your kitchen. Additionally, you’ll get more natural light streaming through your kitchen, which could give the illusion that your kitchen is bigger than it is.


Create a Wall of Windows Using Panel Windows

Although you may have a number of windows in your living room, you can always benefit from more. One idea to improve the look of your living room is creating a wall of windows. A wall of windows is essentially a cluster of windows side by side. Panel windows are great for creating a wall of windows. By installing a number of windows side by side, you essentially make your exteriors artwork for your interiors. Not only that, if you choose elongated panel windows, it’ll feel as if your interiors and exteriors are connected.


If privacy is a concern to you and you aren’t concerned about looking outdoors, then you should consider using stained glass windows for your wall of windows.


Transform Your Bathroom with Corner Windows

Another notoriously tight space with natural light is your bathroom. It’s also one of the rooms homeowners want to remodel.


A new modern, corner window does the trick when it comes to transforming your bathroom. Even if your bathroom isn’t modern, you’ll enjoy the cornered window. A corner window consists of two windows that seemingly intersect at the corner. Placed just right, this single-paned window gives the illusion that you have a window in your corner, although you have two intersecting windows on two different walls. To accentuate the look, install multiple corner windows up and down one corner and watch your bathroom come to life.


You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to get a new look. Instead, invest in new replacement windows and watch how your home transforms.