Good windows are one of the best investments you can make in a home because they add to a home’s appearance both inwardly and from the home’s exterior. A well-placed window can create a cozy indoor environment while granting its occupants a stunning view of the world outdoors. It also creates a more secure and safer space for those who live in a home. When a contracting team and designer come together to create a new interior space,


At The Window Store in Minnesota, we specialize in using beautiful windows to enhance your home’s interior. In this blog post, our contractors talk about some of the top window ideas to use in your new construction project and how we can help.


Check out these popular options for new construction homes:

1.   Slider Windows

 Slider windows slide horizontally and are highly customizable. Available in a wide range of sizes or shapes, slider windows work well for almost any space in your home.

2.   Picture Windows

A picture window is essentially a large window with no moving parts. Rather than open, it provides a stunning panoramic perspective. For a room with a view, nothing captures the imagination like the wide-open vista of a picture window. Its simplicity can bring light into a room and completely open up a space.

3.   Double-Hung Windows

The standard for most homes, double-hung windows are available in a nearly limitless array of options. They allow just enough sunlight while creating an opening that’s simple to clean and maintain. Choose from a grill design or an open-faced look while customizing the frame color both inside and outside your home.

4.   Bow and Bay Windows

If you’re looking for a way to brighten the interior space of a home while adding character, consider adding a bow window or a bay window. Add character with the timeless illumination of a bay window or add storage underneath it. These classic window options can be used to turn a rainy day into a perfect day for reading in a comfortable window nook.


5.   Creative Window Solutions

The possibilities are seemingly limitless when it comes to using windows to create interest in a home. Liven up the kitchen with florals or herbs with a garden window. Or enhance your space with a multifaceted awning window design. Integrate various shapes like portholes, hexagons, and arches in any color or size. If you can dream it, we can bring your designs to life.

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One of the most important design decisions you can make during a new home construction is to install stunning, high-performance windows with the help of an expert contractor. At The Window Store, we work with Twin Cities builders and homeowners to create extraordinary home designs.


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