When you think about home maintenance and storm damage, there are plenty of things that come to mind. You are probably aware that your roof needs to be repaired from time to time and that damage to your siding and windows can occur. But you may not immediately think about your home’s fascia boards or soffits. However, both of these important elements of your home’s design provide an important function as elements of your roof’s structure.


At The Window Store, we help Minnesota homeowners keep their homes healthy and safe from your rooftop to the front door and everything in-between. In this post, we’ll discuss the importance of repairing any damage that occurs to your home’s soffit or fascia and how we can help.


What are Soffits and Fascia?

The terms “soffit” and “fascia” refer to special boards that help your roof to function properly. Both of these terms are, put in simplest terms, architectural elements of your home. They help to create a finished look on the outside of your home. However, they also play an important role because they help to protect your home’s interior and structure from moisture infiltration.


While soffit and fascia are similar, they serve slightly different functions:


●        Soffit: This term refers to the boards connecting your roof to your siding. Their purpose is to seal the edges of the roof so that the rafter tails are not exposed. They are tucked underneath your roof’s overhang.


●        Fascia: This term describes the vertical band or frieze located directly under the edge of a roof. The term comes from a root word meaning “band” because it creates a band around a building’s facade. It typically connects directly to the soffit, which is underneath it.


How Soffit and Fascia Can Become Damaged

One of the most common types of fascia and soffit used for Minnesota homes is wood. While wood is both attractive and practical for a number of reasons, it is also vulnerable to damage from the sun and water over time. Eventually, this can lead to both dry rot and wet rot, which can cause your boards to crumble. It also creates a welcoming haven for small critters like squirrels, who enjoy gnawing on these boards and speeding their demise.


However, it’s not just wood soffit and fascia boards that are vulnerable to damage. Even homes with vinyl can become cracked or damaged due to impact or the passage of time.


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