In 2015, the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) conducted a survey to determine the most popular remodeling project. The results of their study weren’t surprising. Kitchens and bathrooms remain popular remodeling projects.


However, HomeAdvisor estimates the average cost of a kitchen remodel is $20,556. Unfortunately, not every homeowner can afford to invest so much in their kitchen. Fortunately, they can reface their kitchen.


What is Kitchen Refacing?

A kitchen refacing project refreshes the look of homeowners’ kitchens, which is what many respondents from the NAHB stated was the goal of their remodeling project. A kitchen remodeling project doesn’t include replacing any major aspects of kitchens. Instead, homeowners reface or update major components of kitchens in a kitchen refacing project. As such, kitchen refacing projects are cost-effective for homeowners.


The Benefits of Kitchen Refacing

Kitchen refacing shouldn’t be looked at unfavorably. Homeowners can get many of the same benefits they’d get if they were remodeling their kitchen.


Kitchen Refacing Is Economical

Homeowners who choose to reface their kitchen save heavily. Instead of replacing their cabinets, their dishwasher, or their refrigerator, they can simply update these components. Homeowners save money with a kitchen refacing project because they don’t have to spend money on replacing items, nor do they have to pay for the extra labor associated with a kitchen remodeling project.


Refacing Takes Less Time Compared to Remodeling

Most homeowners are ready for a home improvement project to be over before it starts. They’re excited about the project. An extensive kitchen remodeling project can take weeks or even months. Luckily, a kitchen refacing project doesn’t take as long. In fact, when homeowners hire the right contractors, they can have full use of their updated kitchen within a day or so.


A Refaced Kitchen Adds Value to a Home

Much like a kitchen remodeling project, homeowners who reface their kitchen increase the value of their home. Many people who are looking for a new home value updated kitchens just as they value remodeled kitchens. Of course, depending on the extent of the kitchen remodeling project, kitchen remodels may lead to homeowners realizing a larger return on their investment compared to a kitchen refacing project.


What’s Included in Kitchen Refacing

To perform a kitchen of refacing project, it’s important for homeowners to know what aspects of their kitchen can be refaced. Homeowners can transform the look and feel of their kitchen by focusing on the following items:

·         Cabinet doors

·         Cabinet drawer fronts

·         Refrigerator door

·         Dishwasher door

·         Adding or updating a kitchen island


Fortunately, a kitchen refacing project offers homeowners many options.


If you are considering refacing or remodeling your kitchen, we encourage you to give our team at The Window Store a call. We offer a wide variety of options, including a variety of cabinets and accessories.