Fall is right around the corner with cooler temperatures and autumn leaves. But as any meteorologist can tell you, when the temperature starts to change as we head into the cooler season, weather fronts colliding can mean pressure changes and storms. And winter brings its own share of wild weather from ice storms to heavy snow.


In the life of any homeowner, it’s normal to expect a few repairs every now and then. Some home repair jobs are readily apparent when they’re needed, like missing shingles on an asphalt roof or damaged siding.


But when the need for repair is less obvious, or the problem is intermittent, it can be difficult to realize there’s an issue until it becomes significant. Because it doesn’t rain all the time, leaky windows can often go unnoticed until they become severe. Once you realize there’s a problem, you need help fast. In this blog article, the window replacement contractors at The Window Store discuss what you can do when you need help with leaky windows.


Moisture Infiltration and Your Windows

There are many external factors that can affect your window’s ability to keep moisture out. If your windows are well-constructed, high-performance windows, they should be able to stand up to many different weather-related factors that can impact window performance. However, older windows and poorly constructed windows can have difficulty standing up to extreme temperature changes and freeze and thaw cycles. High winds can also weaken your window frames and cause your window’s fasteners and other components to fail. All of these add up to leaky windows, which can cause mildew and water damage inside your home.


These environmental factors can lead to a number of problems with your windows, such as the following:


●        Rotting and eroded window components

●        Corrosion on moveable parts

●        Insect damage

●        Rigid sealant


Keeping the Moisture Out

One of the biggest issues with moisture infiltration is that it can end up leading to cumulative damage. Problems with your window frame, sash, and weatherstripping can end up creating a gap where moisture builds up over time. A properly installed window will be completely watertight. It’s also crucial to address any flashing problems. Typically, problems with flashing are best addressed with a window replacement. You’ll also need to replace any warped or sagging window frames.


Call our Minnesota and Wisconsin Window Replacement Team

If you’re concerned about leaking windows, the damage can end up costing you down the road. Replacing your windows with high-performance vinyl windows from The Window Store will keep your home’s interior dry while lowering your monthly energy costs.


Our storm repair team can also check your Wisconsin or Minnesota windows, roof, and siding when heavy storms strike this year.  To find out about our window installation options, give us a call at 612.353.5780, or fill out our form to get your free quote.