If a summer storm has you grabbing buckets to catch water from a leaky ceiling, you don’t have to wonder if you have a roof problem. But too often, homeowners have damaged shingles and don’t even realize it. Left unattended, damage to your roof can end up costing you significantly in terms of damage to the interior and structure of your home. Fortunately, our team of roofing experts at The Window Store in Wisconsin and Minnesota can help.


In this post, we’ve put together a few signs you’ve got damage to your roof or shingles. Here’s what you need to know when determining if your roof needs to be repaired.


1.      Missing Shingles

Inspecting your roof for missing or broken shingles is one of the easiest ways to determine if there’s trouble with your shingles. In most cases, this can be visually determined from the ground. If you’ve seen shingles or pieces of shingles on the ground after a storm, you also know your roof has been damaged and needs to be repaired.


2.      Curling or Brittle Shingles

As asphalt shingles age, one of the most common problems that can occur is curling. It can also happen faster if there is inadequate ventilation in your attic or insulation. The corners of an asphalt roof can curl either upward or downward in these cases. Both curling and brittle shingles are structurally compromised and should be replaced.


3.      Water Spots and Damage

One of the biggest indicators of damage to your shingles is not on your roof but inside your home. If you’ve got water spots inside your ceiling or on your walls, it’s a strong indication that there’s trouble with your shingles. Water spots should be addressed as soon as possible. Ignoring them can lead to structural rotting, mold, and other damage to your home.


4.      Shingle Dents and Missing Granules

Hail and debris can impact your roof’s shingles, knocking off granules that protect your roof and exposing the underlayer. It’s important to have an expert examine your roof up close to determine if this is a concern for your roof. We offer storm damage inspections to determine if your shingles may be damaged in ways that aren’t visible from the ground below.


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If you’re concerned about the condition of your roof, don’t take a chance. What begins as a seemingly minor shingle problem can quickly escalate with just one strong summer storm.


Our GAF Master Elite certified storm damage assessment and repair team can work with your insurance company to help you get your home back on track fast. To schedule your inspection, speak with our roofing contractors at 612.353.5780, or fill out our form to get a free estimate.