Windows have the unique advantage of being admired on both sides of a wall. From the outside, they create a mysterious portal causing one to wonder where the framed glass leads. From the inside, windows give the dweller access to the world, but from a secure and cozy room. Windows are more than a functional home component. They offer both the homeowner and the designer an opportunity to add elegance and style to a home interior. When you are ready to explore your window options for your current home or new construction, then contact The Window Store Home Improvements, Inc. We can help take your ideas and bring them to life in any room in your house.


Double Hung
What makes double-hung windows irresistible is that they allow plenty of sunlight to penetrate a room. Custom designs include a choice of interior or exterior sections, open-faced or grill designs, a variety of natural frame colors and shades, and, of course, sturdy vinyl construction. Because of their distinct engineering, double hung windows are easy to clean on both sides.


Awning windows feature two glass panes that are hinged at the top and swing outward vertically. Manufacturers usually make awning windows out of vinyl or beautiful pine wood. For a fresh vibe, we suggest that you have your awning windows combined with other window dimensions to form a multi-faceted design. If you have some ideas but don't know how to flesh them out, we can help!


If you prefer windows that slide horizontally, then slider windows are perfect for your home. Since slider windows are available in numerous shapes and sizes, you can customize them for any room in your house. We suggest getting creative with the grill and adding windows above or below the sliders.


A single pane of glass with no opening doesn't seem like an interesting window. Homeowners, however, enjoy the solidarity of a picture window. Since it is not moveable, it provides the buyer with an array of options without the worry of everyday use. Picture windows also make simple replacement windows since they have no moving parts. You can use picture windows as bay & bow windows or enlarged living room windows. They also make perfect panoramic glass windows.


If you've ever seen custom garden windows installed tastefully, then you know how they can accent a home. A prominent feature of garden windows is that there are no limits to how you can shape the box and how many windows go in it. Garden windows are so named because homeowners often put florals and other ornate greenery in the window. The plants provide eye-catching decor. The window provides added light.


Bay & Bow
Bay & Bow windows are as functional as they are illuminating. These timeless window designs not only brighten any room, but they also give anyone in your family a place in which to be alone and read, study or reflect. If you want to utilize the added space below the window, you can fashion a stylistic seating area and even an added storage beneath the seating.


With glass windows, the sky is the limit. Do you have an original idea? Glass and frames offer the flexibility you need to create your window style, color, material, and size - all completely customizable. You can choose from arches, portholes, or hexagons, or create your design from scratch. 


Whatever windows you select, you can get them custom-built to your exact specifications with The Window Store Home Improvements, Inc. We provide a wide assortment of classic and modern windows for your home. You'll be working with seasoned experts who are certified and knowledgeable about the most popular types of windows on the market today. Call us today and let us help you with your next window project.