If you’ve got a busy family, chances are pretty good you spend a lot of time in your kitchen. Whether your family is gathering for a shared meal or debriefing after a long day, your kitchen is in many ways the heart of your home. But if your kitchen lacks enough counter space, it can quickly become a chaotic and disorganized space. If you find yourself running out of space when you’re preparing meals or baking cookies for your kids, maybe it’s time for a new kitchen island.


At The Window Store in Minnesota and Wisconsin, we can help you create a better use of your space designed to fit the needs of your family. Read on to learn why a kitchen island will completely change your life if you’re short of kitchen space.


1.      Extra Seating

Sometimes the dining table is just too formal. For families with a kitchen island, the kitchen can be a terrific spot for gathering throughout the day. Whether your kids are grabbing a quick breakfast before they head to school or you’re finishing a jigsaw puzzle together as a group, a kitchen island is a great way to add casual seating.


2.      More Counter Space

If you’ve ever come home with a trunk full of groceries only to have to unload them on the floor, you know the frustration of not enough counter space. Adding a kitchen island gives you a space to unload your groceries, chop veggies, and even work on your kid’s science fair project. Whether you need it for cooking or a hobby, sometimes it’s just nice to have a little extra room to work with.


3.      Additional Storage

Have you ever run out of space to put away your pots and pans? Having additional storage can completely change the way you function when it’s time to cook. We can work with you to assess your storage needs and make sure your new kitchen island has drawers, cabinets, and any other amenities you feel would improve your kitchen.


Contact our Minnesota Kitchen Installation Professionals

If you’re tired of negotiating with crowded counter space and ready for a more functional kitchen, we can help. At The Window Store in Minnesota, we offer complete kitchen refacing services and can add an island into your new kitchen plan. We can also provide minor relocation of cabinets and appliances to help you get a more liveable kitchen your family will love.


With quality kitchen cabinet products from Walzcraft, Holdahl Company, and Northern Contours, you’ll love spending long hours in your kitchen with your family. Talk to our kitchen refacing contractors at 612.353.5780, or fill out our form for a free estimate.