There’s nothing like fixing up your house with a few upgrades. Whether you live in a charming little Sears Craftsman bungalow or you’re flipping a delightful old Queen Anne, it can be a lot of fun changing up your home. From adding bay or bow windows to creating a gorgeous kitchen space you’ll love to entertain friends and family with, home improvement possibilities are practically endless.


With the recent do-it-yourself trend, homeowners everywhere can be tempted to try their hand at going it alone on these projects or hire a discounted handyman. But the difference in quality between amateur handiwork and professional craftsmanship is the difference between night and day. Here are a few reasons there’s no substitute for a professional contractor from our expert Twin Cities home improvement team The Window Store:


1.      Guarantee the Work With a Warranty.

When you handle a project on your own, you’re responsible for anything that goes wrong. Even if you manage the job competently, you can count on Murphy’s Law to be in full effect when it comes to handling your own home improvement projects. If you go with a professional contractor, however, you get the double threat of manufacturer’s warranties and service warranties. We guarantee all of our products and services with a lifetime warranty, which means you’re protected indefinitely.


2.      Get the Experience to Do it Right and Fast.

When you try to handle your repairs without a professional, you realize pretty quickly how time-consuming they can be, especially if you’ve never done them before. However, letting our team of professional contractors manage your home improvement project means we bring years of experience to the job. We’ll be able to anticipate any unexpected problems that arise and you can count on us to finish the project with very little downtime.


3.      Get the Quality that Comes from Certification.

When you go with a professional contractor, you can expect them to bring their licensure and certification to the job. Special contractor certification means your contractor has taken special training and met extensive safety requirements to achieve that certificate. Our contractors are all GAF Master Elite Certified, which means our roofing contractors get ongoing training to be the best in their profession.


4.      Use Experienced Vendors.

When you rely on a handyman or a handle a project yourself, you’re on your own when it comes to choosing the best products. However, if you go through a professional contractor, you can expect them to partner with reputable vendors who back up all of their work with warranties. We only partner with companies that have built a reputation for providing high-performance products year after year.


Twin Cities Home Improvement Contractors

Don’t take your chances with a second-rate handyman or trying to handle a complicated home improvement project on your own. Instead, opt for world-class workmanship you can depend on for many years to come.


We bring years of experience to our roofing, kitchen refacing, and window installation projects. We also have an A+ Better Business Bureau rating. To schedule your next home improvement project, call our professional home improvement contractors at 612.353.5780, or fill out our free estimate form.