Spring is quickly approaching, and that means it’s time to get your to-do list in order. On your to-do list, you may find a lot of home improvement projects, but none are more important than replacing drafty your windows. Fortunately, at The Window Store, we offer our exclusive line of  EcoMaxx windows that’s perfect for your window replacement project.


EcoMaxX Windows Are Energy-Efficient

When it comes to improving your home, a great look isn’t your only goal. No, you also want to seal in some extra benefits for your household. These days, most households are looking for ways to conserve energy. By saving energy, they can reduce the cost of their monthly energy bills. We are certain you want to save energy too.


Our EcoMaxx windows are highly energy-efficient. They include a proprietary system that prevents energy loss. We’ve built a system that reduces the transfer of energy from either side of the pane, allowing you to conserve energy all year-round.


Additionally, with our exclusive system, you don’t have to worry about having your windows exposed because the window won’t transfer energy, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors regardless of the time of year.


ECoMaxX Windows Are Customizable

As the exclusive distributor of EcoMaxx windows, we have the ability to customize your windows as you see fit. Have you ever gone to a home improvement store, and you couldn’t locate the windows that fit your home perfectly? Well, look no further. With our EcoMaxx windows, you can help you design an EcoMaxx window that will fit your home perfectly.


Not only will you get a customized window, but you will also receive our lifetime warranty. Very few window manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty. However, we are so certain about our craftsmanship and our proprietary energy-efficient composite reinforcement system that we offer our customers a lifetime warranty. With our warranty, you won’t have to worry about our windows fading, nor will you have to worry about a reduction in performance over the years.


Choose the Type of ECoMaxX Window You Want

EcoMaxx windows don’t come in only one type. We offer a wide range of windows so that you can replace all of your existing windows with EcoMaxx windows. From double-hung windows to awning windows, we have the perfect window for you home.


At The Window Store, we share your goal of improving your home. When you purchase your windows from us, you don’t simply get great windows. You also get great advice about the best windows for your home. We encourage you to visit our store and see all the wonderful replacement windows we have to offer, including our EcoMaxx windows.