Winters in Minnesota can be beautiful, turning the world into a winter wonderland. They can also bring their share of wild weather and can be pretty tough on your home. At The Window Store in Minnesota, we offer quality storm damage repair for your home's roofing, windows, and siding. We can get your home back on track and restore it to its original beauty. We’ve put together this helpful information to guide you through how you should go about checking for damage around your home after the big winter storm hits.


1.      Check Your Roof

Your roof is the key to protecting your home against winter weather, but it can also get hit the hardest when the snow and sleet take over. Give your roof a visual inspection for obvious damage, but remember that much roofing damage is not readily apparent at first glance. Our roofing experts can check your roof for damage to the shingles. We can examine your roof for cracking, bending, and breaking and get your roof repaired so that your home is protected from further damage.


2.      Examine Your Windows

Next, it’s a good idea to walk around your home on the inside and outside checking for damage to your windows. Of course, you will need to check for obvious damage done by branches and debris. But a bigger worry with winter storms is problems to the seal on your window. If more precipitation hits, you can experience serious water damage inside your home. Examine the inside of your home for leaks and other signs of problems. We can completely replace your window and frame and get your windows back to protecting your home and keeping you warm.


3.      Take a Look at Your Siding.

Finally, you should examine the siding around your home for damage. High winds, snow piles, and broken branches can cause serious damage to your home’s siding. Unlike your roof and windows, problems with your siding will likely be readily identifiable upon visual inspection. Once you spot a problem, call our siding repair experts to repair your siding and restore your home to its original condition.


Minnesota Siding, Roofing, and Window Replacement Experts

After the winter storm has passed, don’t wait to check your home for damage. What begins as a minor problem can quickly become a calamity. Whether you need our help replacing your damaged siding or shingles or you’re ready to completely replace your windows with new storm windows for next time, we can help. To get your home on track for the next big winter storm, give our home improvement experts a call at 612.353.5780, or fill out our free estimate form to get repairs started.