Few things are more frightening than the thunder, wind, and lightning of a big storm. When a storm hits, the wild weather can do wreak havoc on your house, causing all kinds of damage. If the storm includes hail, the damage can be serious.


When a window is seriously broken or damaged, you will likely repair or replace it immediately to restore your home’s safety and security. But there are kinds of damage that are less obvious that can cause just as many problems in the long run. At The Window Store in Minnesota, we’ve put together this informative guide so you can know exactly what you need to inspect when checking your windows after a storm.


1.      Check the Glass

Storms often include damaging high winds. Hail and flying debris tossed by heavy winds can break the glass of your home’s windows. Begin by examining the glass on your windows for obvious breakage. Check each individual pane. Do not only look for breakage, but also look minor chips. You may also find small dings in your windows.


2.      Examine the Frames

Next, carefully check the frames of your windows. These can also be damaged by hail and debris. Look for minor dings and dents in the frames as well as places where the frame may no longer be sealed to the window. Look inside the window for discoloration or even leaks. You may also notice chips in paint or other minor damage. Remember, minor damage can become significant with a little time and weather.


3.      Replace Damaged Windows Immediately

In order to prevent further damage to your home, you will need to repair any existing damage immediately. This means replacing any damaged panes or completely replacing the existing window and frame with something new. Our window replacement experts can assess the damage to help you restore your windows so that they can get back to work protecting your home. From bay windows to picture windows, we’ve got you covered.


Minnesota Window Replacement Experts

If you need to replace your windows after a big storm, our window replacement professionals at The Window Store in Minnesota can help. Whether you need to replace one of your home’s windows or completely start over with better quality storm windows, we can take care of your home’s needs. Don’t wait to get your home back in its top shape. Contact our window experts 612.353.5780, or fill out our free estimate online.