Does your house lack windows in critical places? Are the few windows that exist so undersized they don’t admit enough natural light? Do you need to turn on the lights in the daytime so that you can walk through some parts of your house?

Darkness Causes Accidents

Living in a too-dark home can cause problems for the whole family. Not being able to see well can cause a person to trip over unseen objects, such as a child’s toy, and sustain an injury. Climbing shadowy stairs can present a hazard as well. We won’t even mention the fact a dark environment inside a home encourages the presence of poisonous, disease-carrying insects, such as spiders and roaches.

If you experience problems because your home’s interior is too dark, you might want to consider installing larger windows in your home. The addition of larger custom windows can open up your house and make it seem more welcoming, comfortable and larger.

Bring In the Sunshine!

A well-lit home that’s open to the outdoors with beautiful large windows creates an inviting atmosphere that people love. Bringing in the glorious sunshine can turn a gloomy, depressing room into a space where you enjoy spending time. It’s a well-known fact that sunshine naturally encourages cheerfulness and feelings of well-being.

Those Small Standard Windows

In new construction, builders typically install small windows to control the costs of building a new house. Most of those windows don’t admit much light into a home, making the interior too dark for comfort and safety. If your home suffers from too little lighting, consider the addition of some bigger custom windows.

Custom Windows Solves Problems

To increase the livability of a gloomy house, large custom windows provide the perfect solution, without the need for new construction. However, if you would like to open up a whole wall to admit even more light, installing patio doors is another option.

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