Today's homes are some of the most energy efficient and structurally robust structures ever made. They use the most modern materials inside and out and are generally faced with such things as brick, steel, vinyl, and aluminum to name a few. Of course, there is still a multitude of older homes that are just as prominent, with some keeping the old woodwork exterior in place, and some being modernized to the standards of today.


Regardless of what type of home you own, one of the most important exterior and interior additions are the window frames. They will compliment your overall home design, and you can find them in virtually every type of material a home's exterior is made of. Plus, virtually all modern window frames, regardless of what material they are made of, are constructed to require little maintenance, yet give maximum energy efficiency and usability. Here are some of the most common window frame materials that work for your home.


●        Wooden Framed Windows - Wooden windows remain hugely popular and are considered the most beautiful frames available. Wooden frames are naturally energy efficient, and interior frames require only minor maintenance. The exteriors will need to be treated for protection from the elements from time to time, so occasional maintenance is required.


Clad Wooden Windows - These wooden windows are clad on the exterior, by vinyl, aluminum, or steel, to match the exterior siding of your home. Cladding makes the exterior almost maintenance free, while the interior still retains its wooden beauty.


●        Aluminum Windows - Lightweight and virtually maintenance free, aluminum window frames are insulated by foam or extruded vinyl, giving them an excellent efficiency rating.


●        Vinyl Windows - Also lightweight and virtually maintenance free, the hollow spaces of the frame act as an energy loss buffer. These are some of the least expensive window frames. However, the frame color cannot be altered by painting or stain, so if you change the exterior color of your home, the frames may no longer match.


●        Steel Windows - Considered premium window frames, they require little maintenance, are energy efficient and resist the elements greater than aluminum or wood.


As you can see, making a decision on the right window frame material for your home can be a challenge. At The Window Store, we will work with you on the style, design and the material that best suits your taste and your budget.


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