Is the summer of 2018 when you've decided to have siding installed on your home? If so, congratulations! Not only will your home look better, its exterior won't require as much maintenance, and its value will increase. Now that you've made the decision to have siding installed, it's time to find a qualified, reliable, and experienced contractor to complete the job. Below, you'll find four reasons why The Window Store Home Improvements is the ideal company to perform the job.

1. Commitment

At The Window Store, we are as committed to the beauty and integrity of your community as you are. We take pride in our surroundings because we also live where we work. We call the Upper Midwest home just like you do! The Milwaukee and Twin Cities metro areas are places we love, and we have deep roots within these communities.

2. Free Estimates

As a homeowner, you know that your investment in your home's siding will increase its value and pay off in the future as well. This doesn't mean that you don't have a budget that you want and need to stick to, though. At The Window Store, we offer free estimates so you have a pretty accurate ballpark figure to work with before we get started.

3. Relationships

When you choose The Window Store, you aren't just another generic number to us. Instead, we strive to get to know you so that we understand your goals, your lifestyle and other factors that are important when it comes to providing you with the services you need. We want to forge lasting relationships with each of our customers and provide you with a level of customer service that is unparalleled.

4. Experience

One reason why siding looks so professional and attractive is because of the installation service that is received. Trained professionals with experience in siding installation and the right tools ensures that the finished product looks as good close up as it does from further away in the street. Our consultant team is able to guide and advise regarding the best siding for your home.

Ready to contract with The Window Store? Contact us today to schedule an appointment for your free estimate. We'll set up a time that's convenient to you so that we can determine the best siding solutions for your needs.