If your windows are leaking, the problem’s source may be difficult to target. Even aluminum, dual-glazed glass can be damaged by water. If you’re not getting routine maintenance, you may be in trouble. It’s good to have pride in your home’s windows. It’s bad, however, to have a false sense of security. The three hidden factors, listed below, may be contributing to your home’s leaky windows.



Factor One: Extreme Temperature Differences

Consider the environment around your windows. Extreme temperature changes can’t be seen, but they exist. If your home experiences months of dryness before the wet season, you should get a checkup. You should also get your windows checked if this year’s summer and winter temperatures were radically different.


Environmental conditions take a toll. Radical temperature differences—and even radical moisture differences—can create the following problems:


●        Sealant rigidness

●        Rotting components

●        Insect infestations

●        Corroded moveable parts



Factor Two: High Winds

High winds, too, can damage a household’s windows over time. High wind speeds cause fasteners to fail. They can even weaken a window’s frame. While high winds may not cause a window to be completely blown in, they certainly contribute to a weakened structure, over all.


In fact, windows exposed to high winds frequently can have their life spans reduced by up to 10 years. Fortunately, the remedy for high winds is simple: During a routine inspection, your provider can double-check each window’s frame. They can repair, or replace, your window’s fasteners as needed.




Factor Three: Moisture

While radical changes between wet and dry seasons cause moisture buildup, regular rainfall is a bigger culprit of hidden moisture damage. Plugged—or even inadequate—weep holes atop window openings might be letting water into the components of your interior spaces.


Even with operable windows, any weatherstripping between the frame and sash can shrink, harden or even fall out! When this happens, a gap might be created. Water will fill this gap, contributing to a higher moisture level inside the entire structure.



If you’re worried about the structural integrity of your windows, call The Window Store today at 612-353-5780. We’re always ready to conduct an in-depth examination. Backed by years of experience, our technicians can pinpoint potential problems before it’s too late. Before considering replacement windows, make sure your existing windows are fully secure. Even if your home has custom windows, it can always be a little safer if you take extra precaution.