When it comes to kitchens, the refacing vs. remodeling question can be difficult to address for homeowners. Sometimes, a kitchen needs to be changed. You can save a lot of money, however, by refacing the cabinets—rather than completely swapping them out.


Kitchens need space. Sometimes, the elements of kitchen refacing aren’t conducive to this space. The Window Store has a slew of space-saving kitchen refacing options available. Whether you’re looking for a fresh start or simply want to redesign your cooking area, we’ve got you covered. Check out these five refacing tips.



Tip One: Get Warm

Your kitchen’s white cabinets might have a cool aesthetic, but they may be clashing with your granite surfaces. You can reface your cabinets with warm wood, giving your kitchen a warm, inviting vibe. To take it a step further, update the floors and backsplash to bridge the gap between your warm cabinets and any quartz surfaces. 



Tip Two: Bring Things Down to Earth

If your kitchen has too much wood, you can enhance its earthy appeal. Refacing your cabinets with a cherry glaze can “anchor” your kitchen’s look. It can also increase your space’s perceived depth—solving a space-saving issue, psychologically, with an awesome, modernist vibe.



Tip Three: Consider a Traditional Style

Sometimes, contemporary styles aren’t ideal. You can completely redefine your kitchen by using antique white wood and a walnut glaze. Traditional styled surfaces are quite cozy, turning any cramped area into a pleasantly pocketed area.



Tip Four: Opt for a Matte Finish

While black-and-white kitchen styles are classic, changing your area’s accent can boost the area’s overall appeal. Matte-black undersides, too, contribute to psychological space. As an extra touch: Finish up the restyle with a black glaze to add depth and a little richness.




Tip Five: Change the Lighting

Switch up your lighting. If possible, install under-cabinet lighting. Under-cabinet lighting removes dark corners, makes countertop space more accessible and makes the entire room feel “fuller.”


Once you’ve refaced the cabinets, consider revamping your storage space by changing up your pantry. Shelves, storage bins, and racks are all viable options—and each can be customized with a little creativity. If you want cabinet refacing ideas, feel free to call us at 612-353-5780. The Window Store specializes in kitchen remodeling, and each of our installation options puts your home’s accessibility first. Your kitchen might have limited space, but you can still make the best of it.