The weather in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Twin Cities area of Minnesota can be described as unpredictable in many cases. Chances are, your home will be able to weather most storms that blow through your neighborhood. The truth is though, that even if you don't see major damage -- such as a tree that's fallen over on a portion of your house or your guttering system that's ripped off -- there are still other types of storm damage that can compromise the integrity of your home, and you might not even be aware of them.


Timing is the Key


Whether you can see visible storm damage or not, your timing is the key to protecting your home and your belonging. Obvious signs of damage to your home such as leaks inside or tree damage need to be addressed right away.


If your home has weathered a storm -- even if you don't see any damage -- you should still have it inspected by a professional. A good visual inspection by you on the ground is a great place to start. However, there are going to be things that only a professional will be able to see and assess from the vantage point of the roof.


There could be loose shingles that aren't visible to you from the ground. Left untreated, though, these shingles might allow rain, snow, and moisture to enter your home. They could also fly off without you knowing about it and leave sections of your roof vulnerable to the ravages of the weather.


Beyond Your Roof


While it's often obvious when your windows sustain storm damage, the less obvious areas of your home need to be inspected too. Doors can be subjected to a sustained battering that leaves them less secure on their hinges. Your front door can start to look weather-worn and less welcoming. Glass patio or deck doors could also show signs of wear and in their sturdiness.


Your home's siding is an often overlooked place where storm damage can show up. While most people think of their siding as an exterior material that's designed to make their home look great, siding also serves a protective purpose as well. This is why you should get it inspected after a storm.


The Window Store is your storm damage expert. We cover all the exterior areas of your home that could be subjected to storm damage -- windows, roof, and siding. Schedule a free estimate today and get your home looking great again!