As the saying goes: When it’s time, it’s time. Sometimes, however, it can be difficult to replace a home’s windows before it’s too late. Your household’s windows play several roles, and well-designed windows are always a great option compared to sticking to your pre-installed, worn-out windows. So, when is it time to get a remodeling job done? Check out these telltale signs which indicate the need for new windows.


Sign One: Decaying Frames

If you’re facing decaying frames, you might need a remodeling job—and fast. As your wooden frames are exposed to rain, snow, and moisture, they’ll start to warp. They’ll also have difficulty closing. Moisture damage can create long-term issues, resulting in mold and mildew growth.


Sign Two: High Energy Bills

There’s a reason ExoMaxx windows are popular. Worn-out windows release a home’s air conditioning and heating. When this happens, energy bills soar. It’s possible to invest in custom windows which negate hot and cold air loss, but you’ll need to make sure you’re fully invested in the remodeling job. If a simple remodeling project won’t lower the bill, consider a complete window replacement.


Sign Three: Noise

Can you hear the traffic outside? Do you constantly hear the neighbors? A loud household might be indicative of bad windows. When a window’s panes wear down, they fail in deflecting soundwaves. A window renovation job isn’t only energy efficient—it provides long-term comfort.


Sign Four: Condensation Build-Up

If you’re constantly running into condensation build-up around your windows, you might want to consider a remodeling job or a replacement. A window’s glass panes, when worn down, can trap moisture. If the moisture goes unchecked, it can result in mold and mildew growth. Fortunately, condensation build-up is easy to notice. It’s also easy to determine which window repair corresponds with the severity of your condensation problem.


Sign Five: Leaks

Leaky windows are bad windows. Eventually, you’ll face minor leaks. Over time, however, larger leaks can occur if your windows wear down. Once a window’s frame swells with water, it can’t maintain a seal. When this happens, moisture—or even water—can collect between the window’s frames. Long-term moisture damage can severely damage a window and its surrounding frame, so it’s a good idea to treat any leaks with seriousness.



If you think your windows are in need of a renovation, don’t hesitate to call The Window Store. We have years of experience, and we’re prepared to install custom windows, conduct replacements and do minor repairs. Whether you’re in need of a completely new construction or a minor fix, we’re here to help.