Replacing your home’s roof, or even its siding is a big decision to make. Fortunately, The Window Store makes it easy to assure your home’s energy efficiency and long-term reliability. If you’re experiencing a higher energy bill, leaks or some extra heat, it might be time for a project. Determining which project you need, however, can make all of the difference. Below, we’re covering the best tips to determine which Window Store project is best for you.


When Do You Need New Siding?

Even if you’re experiencing some household problems, you might not need an entirely new roof. In fact, replacing your home’s siding can solve most of your home’s problems. If you’re experiencing the following problems, you probably need a siding repair or replacement job—and you can skip on the roof repair.


●        Rotting or warped sides: If you’re experiencing rotting sides, it probably isn’t because your roof is letting in extra humidity. Likely, you’re in need of a siding tune-up, as extra moisture is ruining your home’s exterior.

●        Bugs: Next, you should treat bug problems as a siding problem. While bugs can get in through the roof, they’re more likely to enter via a home’s siding—as it’s close to the ground.

●        Mold and mildew: Like the bug problem, a mold problem can definitely be caused by a weak roof. More likely, however, it’s caused by worn-out siding. Because rainwater from broken or worn-out gutters travels downward, mold and mildew can be immediate indicators of bad siding.


When Do You Need a New Roof?

Sometimes, replacing the siding isn’t enough. Fortunately, a bad roof is relatively easy to determine. If you’re still questioning whether your home needs a new roof or siding, however, check out these following warning signs.


●        A high energy bill: If you’re paying big bucks to keep your home cool, you probably have a roof problem. Your roof is one of your home’s chief insulation sources, and it’s taking in sunlight directly. Before replacing the siding, consider the fact that your roof might not be holding in as much temperature as possible.

●        Leaks: Sure, siding can let in unwanted rainwater. Your roof takes a direct hit, however, when it starts pouring. If you’re constantly dealing with leaks, consider getting a roof repair job before blaming your house’s siding.

●        Chimney flashing: Finally, you should treat chimney flashing as a roof problem. Sometimes, homeowners think chimney flashing is directly related to worn-out siding. While this is possible, it’s more likely that the roof needs to be replaced.


Check out The Window Store for more service options, and contact a technician today for more details. Whether you need a replacement or a simple repair, we’re here to help. Your home always comes first, and we’re dedicated to keeping it that way.