Your kitchen cabinets get a great deal of wear over the years. Not only are they opened and closed numerous times over the course of the average day, they are often the backdrop for food splatters and spills that can make them wear more quickly. Replacing the cabinets is often a highlight of any kitchen remodeling project.


Refacing: An Alternative to Replacement

Another common scenario is that you've purchased a home and simply don't like the way the cabinets look. Instead of replacing them, opting to reface your kitchen cabinets provides significant benefits that make this process an attractive alternative.


1.      A kitchen makeover with minimal disruption.
Cabinet refacing doesn't involve tearing out your existing cabinets and installing new ones. This means there's less mess and disruption. You won't have to wait as new cabinets are manufactured and installed in order to get your kitchen back. Instead of taking weeks, like replacing the cabinets would, refacing them takes only days, allowing you to regain the use of your new and charming kitchen.

2.      Gain more storage without a full remodel.
Does this scenario sound like your life? You love the way your kitchen is laid out and designed. You just wish it had a bit more storage. Better yet, customized storage options to reflect your lifestyle would be even better. While your kitchen cabinets are being refaced is the ideal time to add more storage to your kitchen. Working closely with the experts at The Window Store can provide you with the kitchen you've always wanted.

3.      Upgrade your kitchen while staying within your budget.
In spite of its popularity, a complete kitchen remodel projects can run the average homeowner thousands or tens of thousands of dollars. In addition, there is the added cost of having to eat out during the remodel project because you won't be able to use your kitchen to cook.


An easy way to upgrade your kitchen while staying within your budget is to opt for cabinet refacing. A good analogy is that cabinet refacing is like having a fresh coat of paint applied to your kitchen. With updated drawer fronts and cabinet doors, your kitchen looks fresher and more appealing without you having to spend thousands of dollars to get this effect. To get started refacing your kitchen cabinets, contact us today online.