If your home has been hit by a major hailstorm, the likelihood of damage is higher than a regular storm. Inspecting your roof for damage after a hailstorm can help you catch issues before they become bigger problems. Check out a few of our recommended steps for inspecting your roof below!


Obvious Gouges

Asphalt shingles that were baking in the sun just prior to the storm may show obvious gouges from the hailstones. Large stones will push the warm asphalt out and leave a little degranulated hollow. But don't confuse hail pings for heat blisters. A heat blister forms when an improperly-vented attic gains so much heat that it causes gas bubbles to rise from the backside of the shingle to the top. Blisters appear as deep holes with sharp edges like they were made with a tiny cookie cutter.


Degranulated Spots

Often, hail damage isn't immediately discernable. Heavy hail strikes will loosen the mineral granules which may not wash away during the damaging storm. Sometimes, you need to check the roof again after another rain storm or two to see whether you should call us at The Window Store. When in doubt give us a call! Although this type of damage may seem slight, those mineral granules have an important job protecting shingles from UV radiation that devours asphalt. Left alone, degranulated shingles will suffer an early demise.


Chipped Shingle Edges

Check for chipped edges on the shingles. When hail hits just right, it can crack off pieces of the shingle edge that adhere to the row below. If enough ends have chunks missing, the wind will have greater opportunities to poke a finger under the flaps and possibly rip shingles off the roof.


Broken Skylights and Pipe Jack Gaskets

If hail has enough weight to break skylight domes and panes or slice holes in the rubber gaskets surrounding the plumbing pipes, then it probably left damage on the rest of the roof, too. Even if you can't see it yet, destruction most likely occurred.


If you find your roof to have damage from a hailstorm or need someone to check it out for you, give us a call at The Window Store. We have the expertise to make sure your roof is in perfect condition or will recommend the right service for you. For your roof inspection give us a call at 612-353-5780 for Minnesota or 262-786-2600 for Wisconsin.