As the room that is the very heart of your home, your kitchen and its features are a major focal point. Because they get so much use and wear, your kitchen cabinets are likely to age more quickly than other features. While your first thought might be that you'll have to replace your kitchen cabinets in order to freshen and update the kitchen, there are other alternatives. 


1. Kitchen Refacing: A Solution That Works on Many Levels

Instead of replacing your kitchen cabinets, consider having them refaced instead. With the advances in techniques, options, and materials, refacing is a choice that is gaining in popularity with homeowners who don't want the expense and disruption that a kitchen cabinet replacement would entail. 


2. Cost Benefits, and a Whole Lot More

Cabinets are not an inexpensive feature in your kitchen. When remodeling, experts suggest that you allocate 30 percent of your budget for them. Refacing your existing kitchen cabinets is a feasible option if you are wanting to save hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars. Doing so also allows you to free up some of your budget for other expenses and splurges. 


3. Replace or Add to the Kitchen

Kitchen refacing is an effective way to update your kitchen when you are already happy with its layout and don't want to move anything electrical or the plumbing. If you want to reconfigure some of your cabinets or add to them, refacing is the ideal solution. Some examples of reconfiguring or adding to them include making a pet feeding station or adding a wine rack. 


4. Less Time, Mess, and No Demolition

Homeowners who want to see fast results during the kitchen remodel will be pleased to learn that kitchen refacing requires no demolition of your current kitchen layout. This means there is less hassle involved during a kitchen cabinet refacing. Because refacing your current cabinets can often be completed in about a week, you'll be able to see your kitchen remodel take shape a lot more quickly. 


5. More Environmentally Friendly

Because you aren't having your kitchen cabinets torn out and replaced with new ones, you won't be adding them to your local landfill. This green solution also ensures that the colors of your cabinets will match your drawers and doors. 


Another positive element of kitchen refacing that is often overlooked is that you can use your kitchen sooner than with a complete remodel. Contact The Window Store Home Improvements to learn more about this exciting option.