To be fair, just because a window installer is licensed in the state Wisconsin and Minnesota does not guarantee that you will avoid poor quality installation, bad customer service, or outright scams. What it does create, however, is a strong sense of accountability between the contractor and you, the customer. Below we give a brief description of licensing and certification and then list a few benefits of each from the customer’s perspective.



Both the state of Wisconsin and Minnesota require any contractor opening a business to acquire a license to operate in his or her respective states. This is a regulation without exception. What it means for you, the homeowner is that you should never hire someone to install, repair, or replace your windows that don’t carry a state license. Doing so leaves you open to any number of risks including scams. Recouping any money or correcting any mistakes becomes more difficult when working with a contractor who doesn’t hold a state license.



Due to the hazardous and sensitive nature of the contracting industry, only qualified professionals should perform any job on your windows. These individuals must be certified by official entities such as manufacturers or state agencies. There are two types of certification:

●        State certification. State certification ensures that a contractor and all employees within a company adhere to state contracting codes as they apply to windows. Those applying for certification must first be properly trained and pass state examinations. Keep in mind, certification allows contractors to operate in a specified field. For instance, installing windows in a large-scale commercial property would require a different certification than installing windows in a house.

●        Manufacturer certification. Just as contractors have to meet or exceed window installation codes, manufacturers have to build products that also meet or exceed industry codes. Thus, manufacturers will design their products accordingly, and they will require contractors who use their products to undergo training to install the products according to exact specifications. Therefore, when a company claims that they are an ‘authorized,’ ‘official,’ or ‘certified’ manufacturer installer, what it means is that the manufacturer has endorsed the contractor.


How Licensing and Certification Benefits You

As a homeowner, you owe it to yourself to protect your investment. Rather than focusing all your time and energy on saving money, your primary goal should be to hire reputable and licensed contractors to install your windows as well as secure products of the highest quality to implement in your home.


Here’s why:

●        Protects the market value of the home

●        Ensures that the windows have been installed according to city, state, and national codes

●        It gives the customer legal leverage in case the job wasn’t performed to exact specifications

●        Promotes healthy business standards and practices in your community and minimizes the amount of damage that phony contractors can cause.


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