Forget everything you know about windows. Today’s products offer new features that are as innovative as they are attractive. Check out the latest custom window options for your home from the experts at The Window Store.


A Wide Range of Designs

Not all windows are built the same. If you have a specific purpose or location for your windows, then you can choose from pre-made designs or have one built to your exact specifications. Below are some of the most popular window styles:

●        Double Hung. Two panes vertically positioned. One moves up, the other moves down.

●        Awning. Two panes vertically positioned. Bottom pane opens outward.

●        Slider. Two panes positioned side to side.

●        Picture. One pane that does not move or open.

●        Garden. Box-shaped window with a composite of small glass panes. The window protrudes from the exterior wall.

●        Bay & bow. A composite of glass panes that protrude from the exterior wall to create a ledge.

●        Non-Standard. Cut and shaped just the way you like it.


Get Your Window Framed

Before choosing any window frame, you need to understand that the most important property of any window is in its insulative power and energy-efficiency. For this reason, we recommend the following types of window frame material:

●        Vinyl. The most popular windows in the market are made from polyvinyl chloride. This rugged material resists UV rays, moisture, and heat. They do not require painting.

●        Fiberglass. If you’re looking for frame stability, then fiberglass is the best choice. Fiberglass windows are reinforced with insulation inside the frame. This gives them better thermal-resistance than all other types of windows.

●        Composite. This type of frame is assembled using more than one type of material. Particleboard and laminated strand lumber are the most common materials. Composite windows last forever, are structurally sound, and have superior moisture and decay resistance.


Design Your Window with EcoMaxx

Window Store Home Improvement contractors are certified EcoMaxx window installers. We recommend EcoMaxx over all other brands. EcoMaxx windows are built with the highest quality anywhere in the industry. The offer healthy rebates and you can choose from a broad spectrum of window options. EcoMaxx will allow you to custom design your windows any way you want them. You can have your windows crafted to your exact specifications.


Window Screens to Suit Your Lifestyle

You may not know this, but there are more than a dozen different types of window screens. Check out these advanced window screen products below:


●        Fiberglass. Doesn’t corrode or stain. Will hold up to high winds.

●        Aluminum. A rugged metal screen that comes in black, gray, and silver.

●        Solar. Designed to block out the sun without diminishing visibility.

●        Stainless Materials. Steel, bronze, copper, and brass. All are weatherproof.

●        Pet Resistant. Heavy-duty vinyl-coated polyester. Pets cannot penetrate the screen with teeth or claws.

●        Retractable. Pull them down or release them into the window’s head.


Are You Looking to Install New Windows?

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