A home warranty covers a homeowner’s expenses in the event that the house is damaged under specified conditions. Contractors owe it to their clients to sit down and discuss every detail of what is covered under the warranty once a construction project is complete. In fact, reviewing the warranty is so critical that a client should have a full understanding of what is protected under the warranty before construction is underway. Failing to do so could lead to disaster at the homeowner’s expense.


Two Types of Home Warranties

Manufacturers and contractors alike offer warranties that could cover a wide range of products and services. Some companies will offer varying warranties and the degree to which they cover job.


●        Product Warranty. Manufacturers guarantee both the performance and the expected lifespan of materials that they provide for homeowners after a job is completed. A single project could have multiple warranties for different products used for building the house, so make sure you understand each warranty and material that went into constructing your home.

●        Contractor Warranty. The type of warranty that contractors offer covers labor and construction on the home. In essence, the contractor is guaranteeing that regardless of the materials, he or she is able to build the home in a manner that meets or exceeds industry standards and city or building codes.


Window Installation Warranties

Companies that install windows will offer warranties that cover only the work and the materials used in the installation. This type of warranty is specific to only the job at hand and does not apply to the rest of the house. This is where the delineation is between all warranties. Once the additional renovation is performed on the house, you need to understand the distinction and conditions of each guarantee. This is why it’s critical to read the fine print.


Does Window Replacement Affect My Homeowner’s Warranty?

It depends. If a homeowner has an extended warranty, then any renovation during the term of the warranty could render part or all of the warranty null and void. The best way to handle this situation is to call the original contractor, inform them of the renovation and review the warranty. In most cases, a certified and licensed window company should deliver both products and quality work that is protected under the warranty if applicable. Never hire any company that does not have a license or certification in window installation and replacement.


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