If you want to improve the look of your kitchen without completely remodeling your cabinets or countertops, then refacing is a smart option for you. There are numerous benefits to refacing their kitchen components. It’s an affordable and efficient approach to getting the look they’ve always wanted.


What is Kitchen Refacing?

Before we go further into the features and benefits of kitchen refacing, let’s get a better understanding of what this method of remodeling is. In simple terms, kitchen refacing is the process of either covering the current surface of your kitchen components or removing the surface layers and replacing them with new layers. What dictates the method used in refacing your kitchen is the type of material your cabinets are made of and which solution provides the best long-term results.


Kitchen Refacing: An Affordable Choice

What will ultimately determine whether or not your completely replace or reface your cabinets and drawers in your kitchen is the condition of material and framework. You’ll waste time and money if you attempt a refacing on kitchen components that are in poor shape. In essence, you’re putting a band-aid on a much larger problem. Replacing the cabinets and countertops may be a better solution in the long run.

If the basic structure of your cabinets is still in good shape, however, most professionals recommend taking the refacing route. By doing so you will invest less than half of what it would cost to totally replace everything in your kitchen. The good news is, you can save money without sacrificing quality or aesthetic value.


Kitchen Refacing Gives You Lots of Options

Since refacing your kitchen gives you added flexibility in your budget, you’ll discover that there are endless options to creating the perfect design that fits your personal taste and style. Kitchen refacing designs come in numerous colors, tones, patterns, and even textures. There are also plenty of choices in the type of material you can use to cover or replace the current surface. Two of the most popular types of material utilized are real wood veneer and plastic laminate. Each has their own unique advantages. Contact a The Window Store Home Improvement specialist to learn more about all of the options available to you and the distinct feature and benefits of each.


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