Do you know what type of roof design your home has? Most homeowners don’t put much thought into the architectural design of their roof, but knowing this can help you discuss roof repairs with a residential roofer when needed. The type of roof design and slope can vary depending on a number of factors but primarily will be influenced by your home’s architectural style.


At The Window Store, our experienced residential roofers offer a complete range of roofing services for all types of architectural designs. We’re sharing this guide to help you better understand your roof’s style and slope. Give us a call to schedule seasonal roof maintenance today!


These are the most common types of residential roofs:

1.   Gable Roofs

To find out what a gable roof is, give a crayon and paper to any child. Chances are, they’re going to draw a gable roof. That’s because gable roofs are the most recognizable roofs found across the United States today and the type of roof design most people picture when they think of a residential roof.


Put simply, a gable roof is a triangular pitched roof that’s built to allow rain and snow to easily drain. This standard design can be built using any type of residential roofing material including asphalt shingles, cedar shake, and architectural tiles. Gable roofs come in four main styles: crossed gables, Dutch gables, side gables, and front gables. The most common gables are side gables with their two pitched sides coming together to form a triangle. Front gables are found on Colonials, while crossed gables use two gables that come together, a style often seen on Tudor homes and Cape Cods.

2.   Hip and Valley Roofs

Another style of roof that works well in snowy and rainy regions and can be made from all types of roofing materials is the hip and valley roof. Hipped roofs are almost as common as gable roofs in the United States. In a hip roof, four sloped sides come together at the top to create a ridge. Hip roofs also allow overhangs and front gables. A popular type of hip roof is the pyramid roof design.

3.   Jerkinhead Roofs

If a roof combines elements from both hip and valley and gable styles, this is known as a jerkinhead roof, also sometimes referred to as an English hip roof or clipped gable roof. This design uses shortened or clipped ends to prevent the top floor’s dormer window views from being obstructed.

Other Types of Residential Roofs

Besides the three most common types of residential roofs, you can also find a number of unique and interesting styles found across the country. Here are a few less common styles you may encounter:


●       Mansard Roof: A French roof design similar to a gambrel roof

●        Saltbox Roof: An asymmetrical roof found mainly on 19th-century New England homes

●        Gambrel Roof: The type of roof associated with barn-style buildings

●        Bonnet Roof: A modified hip roof with a double slope on all sides

●        Butterfly Roof: A minimalist design found on mid-century modern homes

●        Clerestory Roof: A roof with sections to accommodate clerestory windows


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