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Client Testimonials

I am writing to give a testimonial on the work we had done by The Window Store Home Improvements, Inc.

We met Michael Pavlak, Advertising Manager, and discussed concerns about our 20-year-old roof. Michael sets us up with an appointment to meet with Jon Cuka that evening about replacing our roof.

After meeting with Jon, we decided to replace our roof using The Window Store. We chose a GAF Timberline shingle style and color and he thoroughly discussed the lifteime warranty and prductsthathis company ould be using, including the Tiger Paw fabric. He even left a sample of the shingle with us so that we could refer to it as we waited two weeks for the scheduled roof replacement.

Jordan and Michelle of The Window Store remained in contact with us before the project began as we acquired financing and to outline the timeline on our project.

When the day arrived, the job foreman, George, showed up at 7 a.m. as scheduled and introduced himself to me, even giving a compliment to our home. He asked if we had any questions and gave me a timeline of what to expect that day. The trailer for debris arrived shortly after him and when the rest of the crew arrived, also during the expected time window the work began with prepping the area around our home by placing tarps around the perimeter to catch any debris. They moved items off my deck [so] they would be out of the way of the work -- including some of my flower baskets, being careful to cause no damage to any property. They even assisted in corralling our puppy who tried to escape the house!

The crew spent the morning removing the old, stubborn shingles, and took a short lunch break at noon only to return and begin the process of preparing the roof for the new shingles, including inspecting the roof for any damage. George remained in constant contact through the work that day as did Jim who checked in to see if there were enough shingles to complete the project. The new vents were painted by the crew to match the roof and after they were done with the roof, the entire crew pitched in to clean the perimeter of our house. The job was completed by 5:30 p.m. that day and the trailer left by 6 p.m. In fact, Jim came back the next day to double check the perimeter and do any touch up to debris removal.

The new roof is such an amazing improvement to our property and we couldn’t be happier that we chose to work with The Window Store. They were respectful of our concerns and always very professional in their attention to details, maintaining communication before, during, and after our project was completed. We truly felt pampered by all the attention! We are proud to display their sign in our front yard and heartily recommend them for your next roofing project.

Brad and Lori Briggs, Homeowners July 2017

Our home had hail damage from a storm that took place in June. The hail had damaged the roof, a piece of siding, fascia and downspout on one side.

It was an easy choice to hire The Window Store as they have worked on our home on two previous occasions – once to replace our windows, and a second time when lightning struck a tree in front of our house and blew pieces through some siding and one of the new windows.

Ron explained the process of working with our homeowner’s insurance company on our claim, obtaining permits and purchasing materials. He had a book showing us where they were ranked #56 in the nation for home remodelers according to Home Builders Magazine. This put them #1 in Minnesota. He also explained the Master Elite Warranty and process with GAF materials. He gave us samples of the Timberline American Harvest Architectural shingles from which to choose. Also, he explained that part of the benefit to the GAF roofing system is a Cobra Ridge Vent style ventilation instead of original turtle vents allowing for more even ventilation.

Upon installation day, we met the supervisors, Jim and George. Ron, the owner, came to check on the materials and crew right away in the morning and made sure we felt good about the construction process. Ron was on site throughout the roof tear off so that he could personally inspect the decking and work with the project supervisors regarding any alterations to the plan. Jim did the work on the fascia as well as the siding and went to get additional materials as we learned our roof had decking, not plywood and they had found several holes. (Side note, the decking was not noticeable until after the shingles were removed).

Jim and George were great! They worked with the roofing crew, found damage on the roof and quickly put a plan together. Jim did a great job replacing the siding that was needed as well as forming the fascia to match perfectly. Since we had decking for the roof, they explained why it would be good to replace the lowest edges of the roof to attach the new drip edge.

George led the roofing crew for majority of the day. It was easy to see that the crew worked well together and had been together for some time. The foreman of the crew did the patch work to damaged areas and tightened up other areas of the decking.

It was easy to see the respect that the crew and the supervisors had for each other. There was great cohesiveness, communication and focus. From the start, they took great precaution to protect what was left of our gardens (after the hail damage).

The supervisors answered all of our questions as well as gave some recommendations to paint the furnace pipe to match the roof. We bought the paint and he took care of the work. George was very proud of the work he and the crew did on the roof and for working for The Window Store.

The crew worked until late into the evening and did a great job cleaning up the yard from any debris. When I went to work the next morning, it was very noticeable how well the patio and garage had been swept. Jim came back the next morning to finish a small detail and double check the cleanliness of the yard as well as to answer any questions.

Again, what an experience! This was our third time using The Window Store and it was just as great as the first.

A Happy Customer July 2017

I want to thank Joe Todd of Window Store Home Improvements, Inc. for coming to our house in helping us with new kitchen cabinets. We went with kitchen refacing as per Joe’s suggestion. Jake Kunze & John Chrz did a great job installing everything. Great workmanship. They were very dependable and hard workers. Here each day early and worked the whole day. Never a mess when they completed for the day.

Everything went on schedule and as promised. We had one minor recall and they took care of that with no hassle. We are so pleased with our new kitchen. It is so much brighter and clean. It turned out better than we expected. Thank you all again. We would highly recommend them to anybody that wants to redo their kitchens.

Bob and Nina Gfroerer April 2017

I had my windows replaced in January 2017. My windows were original form when my home was built in 1986. The installation took one day. The crew arrived on time and were very courteous; always taking shoes off to ensure that snow, mud, etc. was not tracked in.

We immediately felt a difference in the warmth of our home, especially the bedrooms. Before, we could feel air coming through the windows and the windows were very cold to the touch and routinely fogged over. Not any more! We love looking out of our large picture window without any fogging.

We live along a well-traveled highway and have seen a reduction in road noise. As spring and summer come we expect the road noise to be even less with the combination of leaves on the trees and new windows.

Brad Miller, Burnsville February 2017

To whom it may concern,
I recently had windows installed by Bill and Chuck. I want to express by thanks to them again for their well-done job.

This install had many challenges, and Bill and Chuck did a professional job at all levels. I'm loving my new windows and highly recommend "The Window Store!"

Lynn Ross, Greendale, WI February 2017

It was like magic! On a very chilly January morning, two workers showed up with our new windows. While we stayed huddled by the fire in our den, the workers removed and replaced our living room picture window and two side windows. When we emerged from our hideaway we were treated to something we had never seen: a clear view through our front window to the outside world! Our sixty-year old fogged up window was gone! Similarly, it was if the workers had never been there. They were able to maneuver the windows, new and old, up and down the narrow staircase to our living room leaving no evidence that they had ever been there. They were thoroughly professional in every way as was the sales staff of The Window Store. It was a great experience every step of the way. Without hesitation, we recommend The Window Store to anyone considering new windows for their home or business.

Rob and Jane Lautz, St. Louis Park January 2017

Dear Window Store, just a short note to say thank you and inform you of our tremendous satisfaction with your outstanding customer service, quality window products and superb installation team. Please express our sincere thank you to Bill and Chuck. Thanks again!

Tom & Karen Szejna, Greendale, WI January 2017

Again we want to thank you for your great service and the wonderful work performed by your installers. The remaining windows that we installed look great and our home is now complete. As you stated in our first installation, the new windows have cut down our heating cost and the appearance is much nicer. We have cleaned our first windows already and it was so much easier than our old windows. The covered trim will make life much easier for us as well. I also want to say that your installers are so nice and efficient. They were on time and courteous. We would definately recommend your company to any of our friends. Thank you again for your services.

Mary Herlofsky, Minneapolis December 2016

We love our new windows, plain and simple. We even gained a little glass space since the old ones had so much room taken up by this frame, that shutter, and the other storm window; which the new ones don't need since they're double-paned. We've definitely noticed a drop in road noise (we live next to a busy street), and our cats are very disappointed that there are no longer any fascinating drafts around the edges. Sadly, I have to report that the windows are indeed very easy to open for washing, which means I have to actually do them now. They were on time. As small as this sounds, experience has taught me that timeliness is an exception rather than a rule. But they were here when they said they'd be, and they were likewise done when they said they'd be. We had one of our windows switched from two double-pane to a picture, and they made it seem like the easiest change ever. The original bottom sill wouldn't work with the new window, so they pulled out a board and had a new bottom sill made and installed in minutes. Every single Window Store employee I met was happy to take the time to explain what they were doing and how all of this worked. They knew their jobs and materials inside out, and on those couple of occasions I asked about something outside of their range, they knew exactly who to refer me to. More than that, they pointed out some unrelated things on the house we should look at before they cause trouble down the road. Overall the Window Store made it a smooth experience, and we've been very happy with the results.

Sara Gysbers December 2016

A few years back The Window Store installed a window in our living room. We were very pleased with the outcome and didn't hesitate to call them this spring to install a few more. Just as the first time, the process was extremely easy and everything happened in a very timely manner. We were impressed with the knowledge, enthusiasm and professionalism displayed by all of the team members we worked with. The Window Store was very helpful in finding a finance program that worked best for us. When it came time for the installation, everyone was very prompt and the installation occurred quickly. We were very impressed with the fact that they made sure everything was cleaned up and put back in place so that nothing extra was placed upon us. Overall all we truly enjoy the look of our new windows, especially the quality. We look forward to a warmer house this winter! We still have a few more windows to replace and will definitely bring our business back to The Window Store.

Norman and Andrea Coe, Bloomington December 2016

To the Future Window Store Customer, Stop searching, you’ve found the company you should hire to install your new windows! These people know what they're doing, and these are some of the best windows you're going to find anywhere. I really do mean that. The employees are fantastic. The sales person you're speaking to now definitely knows they're product, and the installers are kind, courteous, and extremely talented at what they do. The windows themselves are incredible! The technology used to manufacturer them is the best, the final product is superior to just about everything out there, and there's a LIFETIME warranty. The salesperson is not misrepresenting anything and is telling you the truth. These windows are the best, and worth every single penny! Our poor old 85 year old house had all original windows. We had the window store replace the three absolute worst, just to see how things went, and what we thought of the product. I sincerely feel for the two men who installed those new windows, as our old ones put up quite the struggle when being removed. Despite the challenge, NO damage was done to the original wood trim! The wrapping on the outside of the house is my favorite part… weird I know, but I cannot believe the craftsmanship that went into making sure every detail of the original wood trim was captured. Currently we are working on our plan to replace all remaining windows in our home with the window store. We plan to have this project completed within the next year. We started out cautiously, but I'm very happy to report that we completely trust this company, and absolutely love these windows. I promise you, you will not be disappointed!

Teresa Hillesheim December 2016

I would like to share my experience with The Windows Store. My first Contact was with a salesman who came to my door one day from your company. He did a great job sharing information with me, and as I have been gradually replacing my old windows (dated 1960), I decided to have someone come to tell me about your product. Arlen Engleson came to my home on June 9th to talk with me. I was very impressed with your product, and with Arlen's demonstration. He was tremendously informed, and left me feeling assured your product was just what I wanted. (New windows that were installed in my home, by another company, in 2013 did not meet with my approval, and left me a bit discouraged.) My windows were measured on 6/22/16 by a very courteous gentleman. I knew by his confident manner that he would “get it right!” And it appears he did!! I believe it was July 16th, that Ron came to install (The windows the hottest day of the Year, by the way!) He was just great. Did all the work in that awful heat with no complaints. I thought Ron was delightful. Has worked installing Windows for 32 years, so I knew he'd do a good job. Arlen, also stopped by to see how things were going. I was very impressed. Increased my confidence about 100%. I have 3 more windows to replace, and after my experience with your team, and excellent product, I am expecting I will be calling you in the near future. Thanks to The Window Store, and all team members, for a job well done.

Geraldine E. Bares August 2016

We want to thank you for stopping by our home and advertising your window product. This experience was smooth from the get-go. We learned a lot about your product from you and want to thank you for all the information regarding windows and window manufacturers available. We're glad that we purchased our windows from The Window Store. All the staff we spoke to and/or encountered along the way were pleasant, courteous, and respectful. It was a pleasure doing business with Dakotah on financing, Tom finalizing the window measurements, and Nick installing them on July 21st during a humid and blistering day. All questions were answered with honesty, everyone's time was valued, and we felt that we were treated like family. As for the new windows, we love them! We couldn't be happier with the purchase. We're glad we replaced our old, foggy, and rotting wood windows with these beautiful vinyl windows. They are bright, let in more natural light, are easy to open and close, easy to clean/maintain, and most importantly keep the majority of the outside noises at a minimum. The outside noises (neighbors AC unit, passing cars, and birds chirping) has being drown out by these quiet windows, a testament to their quality. We've also noticed that were getting better sleep and rest through the night undisturbed by outside noises which is an unexpected plus. In addition, our bedrooms stay cooler now thanks to the energy efficiency ratings of these windows. I'm certain and confident that when winter arrives, it will stay warmer as well. Overall, we're excited and thrilled with this purchase and with the quality of the windows. We are definitely looking forward to replacing additional windows in the near future as well as let friends and family know more about the Windows store and your quality product.

Mona Xiong August 2016

Thanks so much for all the work done on my house and for being there for me every step of the way. Your patience, guidance and flexibility as I worked through the various options was very much appreciated. I appreciate that you had a finance option for me and Dakota was a great support in providing me options and keeping me informed. Ron did an INCREDIBLE job and I enjoyed having him at the house throughout the installation. He was friendly, fast, flexible and fabulous! He really takes pride in what he does and in making sure it’s done right and that the customer is happy. The inside and outside of the house was prepped to reduce or catch debris and every day before he left he ensured everything was in order and picked up. The wrap on the windows and the decorative trim on my house was a particular challenge but you pulled the right guy onto the job! The craftsman style wrap shape was something which he had not seen previously, but he did it PERFECTLY and those bigger areas he figured out how to reduce the number of seams needed. It’s really gorgeous! I can’t stop walking around my house and just looking at his work! The new windows look great and they are so easy to open! (No more banging them to push up!) Although I’ve never been one for cleaning windows, I’m actually a little excited to do so now that they will flip open to access both sides! My neighbors have been commenting on how nice everything looks! I would be very happy to refer anyone looking for replacement windows and wrap to The Window Store Home Improvement. Top notch service and friendly employees that care about excellent execution and customer satisfaction. Bravo!

Liesl Wiborg, Minneapolis May 2016

Dear prospective Window Store customer, Like many houses in south Minneapolis, our home was built in the 1930s. Many of our windows were still originals from when the home was built and needed to be replaced. Howie from The Window Store visited us at home and provided a wealth of information in his sales presentation. The demonstration of their products was also impressive. I will admit, my wife and I were a bit skeptical because we had not heard of the company before and it was an unsolicited sales call. That being said, we decided to try The Window Store and have them replace three windows that face a busy road on the North side of our home. Six months later and halfway through our first winter with the new windows, we are pleased to say they are WONDERFUL! The new windows not only look great, but they drastically reduce the noise from the busy street and keep our living room noticeably warmer during the winter. We plan to become a repeat customer with The Window Store and have them help us replace all of the remaining windows in our home.

Bryan Brignac, South Minneapolis January 2015

On a recent September evening I was out doing some garage cleaning when I noticed a gentleman walking down my driveway. He introduced himself and it turned out that he was a salesman from The Window Store. As he was driving by he noticed that my front living room windows were not in the best condition and I agreed. I had thought about replacing them and he offered me a good suggestion to consider. We met a few days later to discuss some window replacements in more detail. I was shown an actual window to examine as well as a large book displaying numerous window styles, how their windows were constructed and warranted. I was very impressed with his presentation and his answers to my questions. I subsequently placed an order with The Window Store for several windows. A few days later the crew leader stopped by to make the final measurements. He answered all of my additional questions and concerns and then gave me a time frame for when my windows would be ready for installation. He was right on the money. As weeks passed I received several phone calls updating me on the progress of my order. The windows came in and an installation date and time were set. The installation went very smoothly. The crew was very professional, the cleanup was quite satisfactory, and the crew leader made sure that I understood how the windows worked and to remove and save the stickers from each window. I like the windows very much. I am extremely impressed with how the crew finished off the outside border around each window. The windows are almost soundproof. My home looks so much better now both inside and outside. I look forward to working with The Window Store in the coming months to replace the remaining windows in my home.

Dale Weber, Caledonia, WIDecember 2014

Dear Window Store, I had looked at replacing most or all of the remaining old windows at my house for about 3 years now and finally found a company I could trust to do a phenomenal job - the Window Store Home improvement Inc.! I made an appointment for a sales rep to come to my house just by pure chance, happening to be home when one of your employees came through my neighborhood. Steve came to my house punctually and did not just present a great sales personality and sales pitch, but possessed all the knowledgeable expertise to help me make an informed and sound decision on my particular project. He took all my concerns and wishes into consideration to show me the best windows for my house - style, color and ease of operation and cleaning, all points were addressed meticulously and to my full satisfaction. He explained the process and timeline in detail and made sure, that everything also fit my timeframe and availability as well. Every single employee was extremely friendly, punctual and very competent in performing their individual tasks, no madder the adverse weather circumstances or slight problems they ran into with one of my windows. All 8 were finished beautifully and in the promised time, excellent clean up inside and out as well. I can not thank your company enough for the great product, service and work they provided! Now I am actually looking forward to the rest of the winter - nice, bright and energy efficient windows make that dreary time of year so much more livable. Thank you again for making this one of the easiest projects I've had done so far in my time as a homeowner - and there have been a few by now. l'm actually looking forward to replacing the rest of my nearly 90 year old windows next summer.

Theodora Wynhoff, MinneapolisNovember 2014

We had an excellent experience with getting new windows from The Window Store. The sales representative was very thorough about showing us the windows, how they work, and the various styles. We did not feel rushed at all while we decided what we wanted. The installation itself went very quickly. We got 12 windows, and it took a day and a half. Jason and Paul were friendly, efficient, and did excellent work. We were happy with how smoothly it went and how perfectly the windows fit, since this is an older home. They cleaned up inside and out when they were done, and we were left with beautiful new windows. With the designs that we chose, we now have much more light in the house. It is quieter and better insulated from drafts, and the windows are much easier to clean (which also means more light). This has been a dramatic improvement; we should have done it sooner!

Jim & Pam Newsome, St. PaulNovember 2014

Dear Future Customer, We recently received windows from The Window Store and we have to say that we were sincerely impressed with everything and everyone. Howie Garren came to our home to pitch these windows and this company. We were skeptical at first, but Howie was personable, funny, respected our time and took the time to listen to what we were looking for. We had gone through this type of sale pitch many times before meeting Howie and to be honest we were bored with every other sales pitch. Everyone else seemed to have an agenda/script that they wanted to pitch. Howie took the time to ensure that when he said it would take six weeks to get the windows, it was really six weeks not three months. We even received a phone call from The Window Store earlier than six weeks stating that the windows had arrived and to schedule a time for the installation including the names of the people who were going to install the windows. Then came the day to install the windows. Paul and Chris showed up to the house as scheduled. These two men were professional, friendly, respectful and seemed sincerely happy doing the job. It says a lot about a person who really loves what they do and it shows in the finished product. We will ask for Paul and Chris to install the next set of windows that we purchase from The Window Store. We cannot say enough how happy and comfortable we were with Paul and Chris in our home installing these windows. These two are true professionals. This overall experience was wonderful and next year when we are ready to continue replacing the windows in our home we will no doubt buy them from The Window Store. We can't wait to see Howie, Paul and Chris again next year.

Angela Baca, SavageNovember 2014

I wanted to let you know how nice the new windows are that your company installed. The original house windows that were installed back in the mid 50's were very inefficient and in need of being repaired. After talking with our salesman, replacing the windows became a real possibility. Once financing was worked out, replacement of the windows was finally going to happen. After the window openings were measured we set up a date for installation. The installers arrived right on schedule. they kept everything clean as they worked through each room of the house. When they left, I had nothing to clean up, which was a very nice surprise. Many installers believe they clean up when they are done, but these guys actually left nothing behind. The new windows are very nice, both in comfort and looks. I am very pleased with the entire process.

Randy Herrmann, Coon RapidsNovember 2014

Dear Window Store, It has been almost a year since your company installed our new windows, and we are very satisfied. The difference in comfort was palpable within the first week. The sound of our neighbors' dogs barking was so much quieter. The airplanes are almost imperceptible. Recently, we received a notification regarding our energy efficiency in relation to our neighbors and it has improved substantially. In the year since the installation, our utility bills have reflected the increased efficiency. Thank you for providing a quality product and quality installation, we will enjoy it for years to come.

Bret & Nicole Fierce, MinneapolisNovember 2014

Dear Window Store: We are very happy with our new windows. A first impression is that it's almost too hot in our house now. No more drafty mornings, or leaving the fireplace on for a few hours just to get the chill out of our house. The other very noticeable difference is that you can see through the windows. Before the new windows were installed, the old seals had broken, and while you had light coming in, you couldn't see the details of our front yard from one of the better older windows in the house. The third impression is the quality of the outside window lining. It really made the house look newer without having to change anything else with it. The quality of work was also impressive. I was originally told that it was going to take 3 days to get through all 16 windows, and it only took a day and a half. The installers were pleasant, educated me on the windows, and were very professional about their work. Over all very impressed with the whole process of buying windows, from start to finish, made it easy, and would recommend to anyone that is looking to make an investment in their house.

Jonathan & Lauren Burks, Cottage GroveOctober 2014

On September 24, 2014 we had 6 windows installed by The Window Store. The job was completed in about 4 hours including clean up.They also installed smoke alarm detectors in all the bedrooms (5) and a carbon monoxide detector on the lower level free of charge. We did not have to remove drapes or curtains currently on the windows which made our job effortlessly.The window color matched the house and our other windows. So far the outside noise has decreased and we are looking forward to a warmer house this winter. Everyone from the sales people to the installers and the office personnel were very pleasant and professional.

Tom and Karol Cullen, ShakopeeOctober 2014

From the initial contact with the young man ringing our doorbell, to the completed project... we are happy that we made the investment to replace the original windows in our 40 year old home with The Window Store. Everyone we met representing The Window Store was professional... the sales rep, the installers, even the photographer. Work was completed efficiently... to our satisfaction. I am thrilled that I will not be applying 3M window film on our windows this winter! The new windows look great, and we trust the energy efficiency will make a difference! An additional plus is that the windows have reduced the outside noises (buses and garbage trucks) substantially. We believe that the Lifetime Limited Warranty (with transferability provisions) will be an added feature when the time comes when we will sell our home. We will highly recommend The Window Store to anyone interested in improving their home.

Larry and Gloria Carlson, Brooklyn ParkOctober 2014

We can't rave enough about our new windows! If you want to make the plunge, this is the company you want to do business with! Our salesman Joe took us through the whole process easily and and went the extra mile that we were satisfied with our windows. Our window installers Paul and Chris, blew us away was their professionalism and expertise on getting our needs met. What really sealed the deal was the overall graciousness and compassionate treatment for making us feel like we are their #1 customer!!

Jay and Angie Bach, Maple GroveOctober 2014

Dear Kim and Window Store Staff, Just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying our new windows, especially our new bay window. Our experience with The Window Store has been such a positive one that we will definitely recommend you to our friends and acquaintances. Kim was a very personable and professional sales representative and we enjoyed visiting with her. Mike and Nick, our installers, were very efficient, fast, and friendly and left everything very clean. Thank you.

Rodger and Marcia Melin, BurnsvilleOctober 2014

Dear Window Store: I'm just dropping a note to tell you how much we are enjoying our new windows. They are beautiful! Our installers Paul & Chris did a wonderful and professional job on our windows. What workmanship! thanks to everyone involved, especially Paul & Chris.

Robert Liestman, Maple GroveSeptember 2014

Steve came out to give an estimate. We worked out a good deal for three windows. My old windows were crank-out type that didn't work anymore.A few days later they were measured for the exact size and about 3 weeks later the guys came to install the new windows. They got here about 7 am and were finished around noon. Nice guys. Did an excellent job. No fuss no muss. They showed me the features of the windows. These are great windows. I've had them open ever since I got them. It's nice to finally get a breeze through the house again. I'm sure they will make a big difference in the winter. I will recomend The Window Store to anyone that needs windows. Nice job guys. 5 out of 5 stars.

Steve Throne, MinnetonkaAugust 2014

My experience with The Window Store was nothing but a positive, sincere, and great one from start to finish. My sales representative, Howie Garren, was very professional and knew his product in depth. He provided great feedback on ideas I expressed for different windows to put in my house and design concepts (such as whether to put in grids or not). Overall, Howie was very friendly, outgoing, and a joy to work with. The install process was all fantastic. The installers were very professional and courteous. They got to my house when they said they would, promptly went to work, and were done very quickly. Their work is amazing and done very well. I will definitely be using The Window Store for my future window purchases and house work.

Stacy Dondelinger, BlaineAugust 2014

When we moved into our new home, we knew we would eventually have to replace the windows, but with all the other expenses, it seemed a project for the distant future. When a gentleman came up the driveway, clipboard in hand, I was prepared to immediately dismiss him. When he mentioned replacing windows, he got my attention. Our house was built in 1955 and still had almost all the original windows; some of them were actually impossible to open. After a brief conversation and a subsequent phone call we had an appointment with Kim from The Window Store. Kim was extremely personable and seemed genuinely excited about the products offered by her company. We were instantly attracted to the high-quality windows and we were impressed by the testimonials, each declaring complete satisfaction with the installation. However, the financial element was a major concern. We were hoping to be able to replace three or four windows. Kim started by asking us what we thought we could afford every month, then proceeded to examine every potential scenario, looking for a way to get us the maximum number of windows for our desired monthly payment. After factoring in discounts, price breaks based on quantity, applicable rebates and financing options, we determined that would be able to replace nine windows - all of the original 59-year-old ones! Kim did all the work to secure financing and submit applications for city rebates, so the process was simple. An employee from The Window Store came to take measurements then we scheduled an installation date. When that day arrived, the installers were on-time and ready to go. They were very polite and friendly, taking the time to explain the process and answer all of my questions. They completed the installation that afternoon, leaving the house just as clean as when they arrived, being very respectful to our home. The new windows are amazing! The wrapped frames on the exterior look neat and clean, improving the look of the whole house. The windows are sturdy and the seams are neatly sealed, making us confident that the windows will be energy-efficient and last for decades. They are easy to open, easy to clean, and there is a noticeable reduction in noise from outside! We could not be happier with our new windows and with how easy and affordable it was to get them. Thanks again!

Ted & Jana Larson, CrystalAugust 2014

The Window Store was very professional throughout the whole cabinet re-facing process, even with some minor setbacks. The salesman that came over to let us know our options was extremely honest and helpful. He covered every aspect of the design and made sure that we understood the differences in quality and pricing for all available options. He even made some suggestions on kitchen design aspects which had nothing to do with the cabinets but proved to be very helpful in making the most out of the general kitchen area. A few day after meeting with the salesman and making the initial deposit, the foreman came over and began taking measurements for all of the materials. We were also able to iron out some details regarding the modification of a few areas i.e. the over-the-range microwave and a slide out trash bin. Two months later they were able to begin the installation. The foreman called me to let me know he wouldn’t be able to start until a day later than he originally planned, but was very courteous about the situation. After the second day of the installation, I noticed the color seemed a bit light on some of the facing, and some of the seams looked like they were too far apart. I talked to the foreman and he assured me that the color would be darkened and that the seams would be fixed. At the end of the third day, they had fixed all of the small issues I had mentioned, and the cabinets looked brand new. During the course of the install, one of the workers accidentally broke a small solar-powered light that was next to the driveway when moving materials. He told me right away and asked how much to replace it. Even though the lights only came in a box of 4, they bought a whole new box and delivered it a couple of days later. Despite starting a day later than they had originally planned, the project only took 3 days and they were very good about cleaning up after themselves. Overall, the cabinet re-facing went very well and the finished product was exactly what I had asked for.

David Hubert, White Bear LakeAugust 2014

Dear Window Store People, Yesterday I had 4 windows replaced in my home. I can't say enough about the men who came to install them. They made the job so much easier than I imagined it would be. I thought I would have to take down my valances, which are a pain to put up. They managed to install the windows without my taking them down. Very little was disturbed in the house. In face, I only had a tiny bit of saw dust on one shelf. The men were polite and seemed to take pride in their work. The job was done quickly and efficiently. Steve, who sold me the windows, was very knowledgeable about the product. I was just going to listen to his presentation and then, in a polite way say "no" at this time. After I listened to him I was convinced that the product was affordable and I was so happy about that. I had wanted new windows in my bedroom for a long time. I even got a 4th window for the price of 3 windows from another company. I don't regret making the purchase for one moment and I hope to get 4 more in the future. Keep up the good work!!!

Marlene Teigen, Coon RapidsAugust 2014

To Whom It May Concern, We are very pleased with our new windows!! They are a fantastic update to our mid-century house! Steve was very easy to work with. We had consulted with a different window company before and were overwhelmed with their choices. For us, The Window Store only selling 1 type of window (with numerous style features: picture window/double-hung with grid, without, white or wood look) made us feel like we were getting the best quality for what our budget allowed. If we had gone with the other company we would have had to choose the mid lower quality window, which made us feel like we were losing out. It was also beneficial to us to look through Steve's before and after photos so we could get ideas on what style features to select. Another great thing about the Window Store is there are no add-ons for the style features. This was a huge plus for us! The window price is based on the size. Steve did the heat lamp comparison with our current windows and theirs and the evidence was clear our money was going literally right out the window. we saw further proof of this when our windows were a little foggy one morning from having the A/C during one of the really hot and humid nights. This was something we hadn't seen before. So we know they are more efficient than the original windows. When the installers came to put in our windows they did a quick and efficient job, were friendly, and left no trace behind when they left. It was a very easy process and the windows not only look great, but our old trim that was in place before was put back up perfectly. Our budget only allowed us to do half of that windows in our house this year. We are currently looking into how we can do phase 2 sooner as our original windows look REALLY bad next to the new windows. we would definitely recommend The Window Store to our friends and family.

Jill & Travis MacLeod, St. AnthonyAugust 2014

Dear Window Store, The installation of all ten windows in my ranch house went well. All done in one day and I'm very satisfied with the clean-up. The heat gain from direct sun is minimal, very nice. Street noise is reduced greatly. Waiting to see how much the heating bill changes this winter. So far your product has lived up to the claims made by your reps. Thanks for a job well done. I have had no experience with other window manufacturers but your windows appear to be fine in all aspects. Easy to clean, great look, very functional.

Bill Schmidt, ChamplinJuly 2014
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